Day 14

Footage from the Monday nominations show.

7.17pm – Charne has just been evicted. The housemates cheer “we love you Charne” and sing “Charne, Charne, everythings gonna be ok”. Estelle and Layla do a celebratory jump into the pool with their clothes on after surviving the first eviction. The housemates all clap and cheer on. Angie reminds the girls they are safe from eviction for another two weeks after the boys failed the secrets challenge. Benjamin is happy he has a whole bedroom to himself now.

Later in the bathroom Layla talks to the fishes and tells them to shake their tail if they’re happy she stayed. They do (but they also need to do that to swim). In the kitchen Ryan is explaining that he would be devastated if Estelle (his current romance) was evicted. “I would have teared”. Josh laughs and says the equivalent of “whatever”. Ryan jokingly responds “oh sorry mister I’ve dated a hundred chicks”. Angie and Josh (a current romance) taunt each other over Josh’s 100 chicks.

In the lounge room Stacey jokes that she won’t be cooking or doing anything with her hands since her secret was that she’s a hand model. She tells the housemates they will now be feeding her to the mouth. Layla will not be doing anything because she’s royalty.

It’s time for Charne’s video farewell. “My time in the house has been extremely inspiring, uplifting and such a different experience to what I ever thought it might have been.

Sarah – extended an arm and an olive branch to me
Benjamin – you’re an absolute delight to be around and a funny, funny, funny person I love it
Angie – thanks for helping me out on certain levels
Layla – my very first sleeping companion you gorgeous gorgeous english lady you
Estelle – also lovely wonderful, wonderful person
Michael – you are definitely one insanelyely smart person and I wish I could have learnt more from you
Josh – quick wit, nice humour, love it
Ryan – yep… what can I say. Always good for a laugh.
Bradley – Ah Bradley, you have so much to learn. You’re so young. Just be very wary, a word of advice be very wary of what you say and how you say it to people, because that can be detrimental.

Stacey says to Bradley “listen to older peeps” and he replies “hey she got voted off, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”.

Ray – you focus and determination is far beyond anything I’ve seen before and far beyond my years (and nice arms!)
Zoe – wow, you say what you think and it’s been absolutely phenomenal
Stacey – you are a comedian and I hope you get your own show one day
George – my boxing buddy! Thank you so much for letting me punch you.

The housemates all clap a farewell.

Layla has come to the diary room, and she’s very teary. She says she doesn’t know if she’s alright. “I feel really weird, I can’t believe people voted for me to stay in the house”.

Estelle in the diary room says “I guess I got lucky Big Brother, I’m here”.

Zoe tells BB in the diary room “I’m pretty excited … I’m a little bit excited about doing boys nominations. There’s been moments in the last week or two where I’ve sat there and looked at certain people and thought ‘I hope the girls win the next one’ because… they’re a bit silly.

8.39pm – George and Layla are making out in the bedroom. Angie is reporting back to the housemates in the living room what she just saw. “He just grabbed her and backed her”.

Ben has been summoned to the diary room to discuss the incident where he through a glass of water in Bradley’s face. BB says it was borderline aggressive behaviour, and he wants Ben to reconsider how he deals with his anger in the house. BB thanks Ben and “that is all”. Ben is very sullen and takes a moment to compose himself before he leaves the diary room. He reports back to the lounge room that he has been put on notice for the water incident “because it was taken as an act of violence”.

“The instinct behind me throwing that glass of water wasn’t I’ll get a laugh out of people, but I certainly did it because I was angry at him”.

Michael puts things in perspective: “throwing drinks in some one’s face isn’t a normal reaction, it’s an action that you would give to Whitney Houston (or Brenda, Ben’s alter-ego), I just don’t think it’s very you”.

Later in the kitchen Ben is still quite agitated about the warning. He tells Bradley he has something to discuss “I’ve been given an official warning for throwing the glass of water, but I just want to talk to talk about it because what I did was wrong. There’s a small part of me that did it because I thought it was funny, but there’s a large part of me that did it because I was frustrated with you, and there’s must better ways of expressing ourselves as housemates than doing something that’s physical. And I’m aware of that, I just reacted really badly to something”.

Big Brother announces there has been four warnings today about microphones, and George is “lucky number five”. He must report to the naughty corner. Inside he must iron a washing load of shirts. He cannot leave until Big Brother is satisfied with the ironing. Having obviously never ironed a shirt before, George does a terrible job. Angie walks up to the glass to direct him how to iron a shirt. Big Brother tells the housemates if they have any washing that they would like ironed, feel free to bring it to George now. The girls all cheer and grab clothes.

Later on in the bedroom Ryan and Estelle (a current romance) are alone. Ryan tells Estelle that he went to the diary room when she was first nominated. He told BB he was upset. She gives him a hug. “I went in there and was like oh, ah, this sucks man. It sucks that she’s up for nomination because she’s an awesome girl and I think most of the guys didn’t nominate her, it would had been the girls”. BB asked him if he would be upset if she was evicted “yeah of course, I have formed a strong relationship with her”. Estelle says Ryan is like her mate and she can go to him if I want a hug or be stupid or if she wants to laugh at him.

Estelle: “When I get evicted it will either be because people hate me because I’m so (straight line) and I won’t join the pack. Like I will, I’m nice, but if I don’t believe it I’ll stand on my own”.

Ryan: Good

Estelle: It’s good, good.

Later in the diary room Estelle tells BB she feels her relationship with Ryan has grown stronger. She got to see a relaxed Ryan for Ryan and everyone else is starting to see it whether it’s blonde and silly but he’s a multi faceted person.

Meanwhile in the lounge room Stacey and Josh are “reenacting” Estelle and Ryan. Josh is Estelle lying down on the couch:

Josh: I’m Estelle… hip and hop and doin’ things that rap

Stacey: Babes

Josh: Oh hai Ry

Stacey: Sorry I haven’t told you think because oi’ve been you know, like full G’ed up with the bois and that. But I wanna say this, and I’m gonna say it once, and I want you to know, that I want you to be moi Gee-Eff, cos oi haven’t had one since I was eleven. And I didn’t eat the chilli, but I feel I’m a man now.

All the housemates in the lounge room (including Ryan) laugh. Fake Estelle and fake Ryan have a comical make out on the couch, next to the real Ryan.

In the kitchen Layla is telling the others that George is so lovely and sweet. He has the same family morals as me, how we’ve been brought up it’s very similar.

12.18am – George is placing the doona over Layla. Meanwhile though Zoe (who previously had eyes for George) is chatting with Ben in their bed:

Zoe: I specifically called Layla over and I told her that I wasn’t into him anymore. It was all fine, that she should go for him. But then sometimes I sit there and I watch them and I’m like… he’s so lovely. He’s so gorgeous. Then I think maybe it’s just me wishing I had something I don’t have.

Layla and George are snuggling into each other more, and then jokingly bicker about who will sleep on which side of the bed. They roll around and hug. Zoe looks pained. All the housemates say they love each other, and goodnight.

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