Day 61 FNL

Terrence, still suffering from a neck injury, had to sit out FNL again this week but Spy Night carried on regardless.

Round One was “Shoe Phone Fetch” with housemates competing in pairs where one housemate was Fang the dog and the other was Maxwell Smart.

The housemate deemed ‘fang’ was dressed as a dog and had to crawl to a pile of shoes and carry them one-by-one in their mouth to their master Maxwell who then had to throw them through doors which were being opened and closed by the ninjas.

The girls went first with Alice and her dog Bianca scoring 8 and losing to Brigitte and her dog Terri who scored 9. The boys then had their turn and Ben and his dog Cherry scored 13, annihilating Rory and his Dog Travis who scored 9.

Two of the four losers were then invited to win their way back in a second chance round. Each losing boy was paired up with a losing girl and had to dress them with only their mouths.

Rory had to dress Brigitte and Travis had to dress Terri. Despite Travis sticking the tongue in while attaching Terri’s moustache, they lost out to Rory and Brigitte who won themselves a place back into the games.

Rory, Alice and Brigitte then took on Cherry, Ben and Bianca in Round Two – “Time Bomb Volleyball”. Teams had to return slime-filled balloons over the net. The first team to five points was to be the winner and that turned out to be Rory, Alice and Brigitte – the Red Team.

The night wasn’t quite over Blue Team-ers Cherry, Ben and Bianca though. They each got to take turns trying to blow up a missile by removing strings one-by-one. On Cherry’s third turn he finally picked the correct string and blew it up securing himself a spot in round Three.

Round three was a contest in which one boy paired up with one girl to race around an obstacle course. First up Rory played Agent 86 while Alice played Agent 99. They completed the course in 0:59 but were awarded 20 seconds each as a time penalty for falling off of a ledge. Cherry then took on the role of Agent 86 and, accompanied by his own Agent 99 Brigitte, beat out the first time with a flawless performance on the ledge and an overall time of 1:16.

Brigitte and Cherry then dressed as giant hands to play “Spy Snap”. Despite Brigitte’s obvious enthusiasm Cherry snapped himself three pairs in a row and took out the night. He chose Brigitte, Terrence and Bianca to accompany him to the movies to see a screening of Get Smart.

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