Day 47 FNL

To Celebrate Friday the 13th, FNL’s theme was ‘Friday the 13th. Clever, huh?

Terrence was out of the games before they begin – doctor’s orders due to his ongoing neck trouble. That left ten starters for the games.

Round one was the “Pinch of Salt” course. In teams of five, housemates had to all straddle one long broomstick and make their way through the course in the shortest time. Ben, Rory, Travis, Rhianna and Bianca competed first and achieved a time of 2:10. Nobbi, Brigitte, Cherry, Terri and Alice, aided by the advantage of going second achieved a time of 1:55.

Big Brother then instructed the five losers to stand on five red disks on the ground. Rory found lucky number 7 under his disk and won his way back into the games.

Round two was Freddie Vs Jason. The Freddie Krugers, Alice, Cherry and Brigitte, took on the Jason Voorhees’, Nobbi, Rory and Terri, in that old FNL favourite – the pillow fight on the slippery pole.

At the end of 2:00 neither team had a player in their opponent’s zone so a sudden death race to the centre was played out between Cherry and Rory. Rory narrowly won and was thrashed by Rory’s pillow for his troubles.

Big Brother then had a ‘scream’ off for three people to win there way back into the games. Each eliminated housemate screamed into a deciblemeter. They achived: Rory 103.3 dB, Nobbi 122.1 dB, Rhianna 106.5 dB, Ben 110.5 dB, Bianca 112.3 dB, Travis 115.1 dB and Terri 118.1 dB. Based on these results Nobbi, Travis and Terri were invited back into the games.

Round three was “Monster Munch” – another FNL classic game which involves a giant human kebab. Two members of each team (the ‘Chefs’) had to cover the third member (the ‘Madonna’) in sauce and other ingredients, then roll them up to make a ‘Madonna Kebab’.

Cherry and Alice had Terri all wrapped up and fed to the monster in 1:28. Nobbi and Brigitte then wrapped up Travis, getting him in the monster’s mouth in a time of 1:22.

Brigitte, Travis and Nobbi then competed in “Thirteen Pin Evil Penguin Bowling”. They were each required to slide down a tarp on an inflatable ring and knock over as many ‘evil penguins’ as possible. Nobbi achieved a score of 11, Travis 9 and Brigitte 8. Brigitte was therefore, after a short temper tantrum, out of the games.

In the final round Nobbi and Travis were required to eat nasty foods, with one point being awarded for each one they got through. Firstly a teaspoon of wassabi, which both competitors managed to do without incident. Secondly was ox tongue, which again both boys managed to swallow. Big Brother then upped the ante and told them they weren’t allowed a drink of water until they presented an empty mouth.

The third item on the menu was Ox Tongue which (with some encouragement from their housemates) both of them managed to swallow. Fourthly they were presented with bull’s testicles, Nobbi gets his down without chewing but Travis has trouble with this one and can’t finish it.

The final course was fish eye which again Nobbi was able to complete when Travis couldn’t, although Travis did give it a good go despite already having lost the games.

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