Radio – Week 7 14/06/08

While Dave’s off partying in Sydney TiGS, ASHiE, and guest co-host Will bring you an action packed hour of Big Brother.

As always we run through the past week in the house, review Black Friday Night on FNL, and bring the best of the intruder opinions from the forums and the emails

TiGS and Dave (coming direct via prerecorded mp3 file!) argue whether Mike Goldman is a better host than Kyle Sandilands. Can TiGS finally break his losing streak?

We also chat to forumer Capo and we prank call an unsuspecting Dave and gatecrash his holiday! Plus we launch a brand new competition where you could win cash!

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It's usually pretty awkward when I tell strangers I run a website about Big Brother. I swear it's a healthy obsession.