Day 40 FNL

In the true style of cramming more in than will fit, ‘Super Hero’ night fast turned into ‘Tree Hugging Hippy’ night.

Round One this week saw a 2008 FNL first with more than two teams in a game! Team captains were made up of the intruders, as well as Nobbi who earned his status by saving water with a shower-free day. Two members of each team had to push the third around an obstacle course in a wheelie bin.

First up the Green Team (Rhianna, Alice and Rory) beat out the Yellow Team (Cherry, Renee and Brigette) in a close heat. Not so close was the second heat with the Blue Team (Nobbi, Bianca and Ben) easily beating the Red Team (Terrence, Travis and Terri).

Round two sees one housemate strapped up on a harness ‘flying’ above the arena. Their two team-mates have to throw them recyclable trash, which they in turn have to throw into the correct recycling bin.

Rhianna flys first and scores 8 correct items – a score that was smashed by Nobbi who collected 12 correct items on his flight.

The night wasn’t open for Rhianna’s team tho who competed against each other for a place back into the games. The three of them had to cram into a phone booth and dress as Clark Kent in the fastest time. It was a close call but Alice just beat out Rory to win her way back.

Next up was “Murder In The Bark” – a classic FNL game. This is the one where two players are blindfolded – but wearing noisy apparatus’ – and one has to find the other.

First up Bianca was chasing Alice – and caught her easily. Secondly Nobbi was chasing Ben – and caught him easily. Hardly surprising considering Mike Goldman said that in rehearsals they pretty much always got caught!

In the final round Nobbi and Bianca had to defend the planet against meteors. More specifically, they had to stand on a spinning platform and keep meteors of their opponent’s colour out. Nobbi won this game by a large margin and won himself the game.

Nobbi is called to the Diary Room and Big Brother tells him he’s won 4 tickets on BB Airways. He choses Ben, Rory and Bianca to fly with him.

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