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14 May 2008

Posted by Brekkie

In just three short weeks over 50 BBBA members have begun blogging for the site, with nearly 175 blog entries posted already.  The Userblogs have quickly established themselves as one of the key parts of this site, so thanks to everyone who’s been sharing their thoughts. (MA15+)

So here, in no particular order, is another round up of the best of the blogs.

Arneldo: The Good, the Bad and the Corey

This past week I have been looking and reading at peoples reactions to Corey. It seems a lot of people on this, and other, forums dislike him. But why? I cannot see anything he has done inside of the house that would make people dislike him so much. And outside of the house – when will people realise that it was the public that created this image of him. All he did was throw a party – and it became a big deal – why? Continue…

Clairebbbear: The beatification of Corey Worthington

Channel Ten has refrained from advertising any “world firsts” for BB this year.

But if it had, the copy would have written itself; “BB08 is the first series to allow the Big Brother show to be used as a vessel for the public rehabilitation of a public enemy”.

Corey Worthington has earned that title ever since a combination of a thoughtless myspace post, 500 drunk teenagers, a slow news day and a scapegoat-hunting fcukable journalist turned him into simultaneously a symbol of all that is wrong with the “young people of today”, and a hero to the same young people who feel themselves somehow repressed by concepts of responsibility and respect. Continue…

Mooseherder: The Bullhorn Recap

God makes his displeasure known by summoning the power of the heavenly kingdom and eliminating Corey in the first round. Ryan takes this as an open declaration of war, and the battle for the souls of humanity and control of the universe begins. It’s going to be a long millennium, folks. More…

Toiletduck: Public votes for top 3 for what?

Can someone please explain to me why there was the chance for the public to vote for the top 3 auditionees on the website, only for 3 of them to enter and two of them to be booted out? Continue…

GrahamUK: Around the World in 7 days

It’s been a fairly quiet scandal-free week, so this will likely be a short entry. More…

The Daily Gibberer: Disaster

But the Coomerese ruling junta has closed its borders to outsiders, refusing all but one offer of aid while allowing its citizens to be racked by unspeakable pestilence.

And the junta’s leader, Senior General Virginia Hodgson, has been criticised for pressing ahead with the weekend’s referendum while some of her countrymen had lost everything, even the clothes on their back. Continue…

Letterbox: Here’s something else I pulled out of my arse

Please BB… I just wanna watch the HMs for a bit…. and have some aspects of the show I can expect each week and look forward to…. rather than this stream of random sh*t that has been presented to us. More…

bb-06: My epiphany – why BB08 fails to capture us

Today while I was watching part of the eviction show, it suddenly hit me why BB08 – despite many changes (which are mostly positive) – has simply failed to grab me like every other BB season, no matter how bad they were.

BB08 is the absolute coldest, most impersonal reality show I have ever watched. Continue…

purringcat: Brace yourselves – I LIKE the new format

With everyone poo-pooing the new eviction/nomination format, I thought it was about time someone spoke up for it.

I really do like it, and I think it has really thrown the housemates for a six, which is fantastic. I love the way they’re really pushing the game aspect this time round – but that’s probably since I like to view BB as more of a social psychology experiment than a TV program. More…

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