Day 17

12:48am: Dixie is walking on the treadmill. She stops and says she is so tired. She was on it for an hour. Nathan is talking to Renee. Nathan says that he thinks Renee cuts herself short sometimes.

Dixie comes to the diary room. She asks Big Brother for a new pair of joggers. She tells Big Brother she wants to exercise more, and hasn’t even had coke. Big Brother tries to steer the conversation onto the makeover session, and Dixie gets upset and leaves the diary room.

Bianca and Renee are talking in the bathroom. Renee says that she would go after Nathan in the outside world but she doesn’t really want to in her. She keeps saying she isn’t good enough for him. She says the boys make her feel like a loser. Dixie jumps into bed and continues to cry.

Outside, Rory says she is a confident person but when it comes to looks and liking people she has no confidence. Nathan says that she is good looking and she shouldn’t be comparing herself to bikini models.

4:44pm: Rory comes out in a g-string as a streaker on the cricket pitch. Dixie and Brigitte are in the diary room. Dixie says that Brigitte used her mascara on Sunday night and they think that it’s gone in with all of Brigitte’s clothes when she lost them all. Big Brother says he won’t be able to give it back. Brigitte says she hates Big Brother, and steals a plant from the house when she walks out of the diary room.

Alice and Rebecca are talking about kissing the guys, if they had too. Rebecca would kiss Ben and Alice says she would go for Rory. Renee is asking Rory if he likes Alice. He says she is a nice person but he’s not attracted to him really. Rory says that he reminds her of his mum.

7:08pm: It’s time for the family dinner. Nobbi is watching in the kombi. David says he has a story to tell, and he says he didn’t want to tell everyone straight away when he didn’t know them. He says he lived in an enclosed, church like environment, which he calls a sect for the first 19 years of life. He says he tried to leave at 17 but someone dobbed them in just before they were going to leave. He finally got out at 19 years of age and had to have his first kiss, his first movie, his first nightclub and so on at that age.

He says he loves his family, he still believes in god and has his religion and doesn’t feel any ill will towards anyone in the sect.

Another question asked is “If you had to go out with someone on a date, who would you choose?” Travis says Renee, Terri says Rory, Alice says David, Renee says that she isn’t in his league but she says she would like to spend time with Nathan. Nathan says he wouldn’t mind taking Renee out, but Renee feels it’s only out of sympathy.

8:54pm: Girls only in the kombi tonight. The girls are talking about Renee and Nathan, but Nathan comes over. They ask if he is a virgin and he says he is. Alice wants to clarify his earlier answer, but Nathan says he would rather talk to Renee in private at a later time.

Renee and Nathan finally get some time, just after Nathan tells Dixie ‘this is so like high school.’ Nathan says he would have liked to have that conversation in private. He wonders why Renee sells herself short all the time. Renee says that she can’t see herself with a guy like him. Renee says she didn’t finish high school; she will never be a brain surgeon and stuff like that. Nathan says she doesn’t need to compare herself to everyone else. She is fine just the way she is.