Day 18

7:23pm: It’s Rebecca’s 23rd birthday, so Big Brother plays crowd music into the house to get them into the mood for the cricket task. He tells housemates that the first over will be bowled in five minutes, and lastly, wishes Rebecca a happy birthday.

Alice is making breakfast for Rebecca. Rebecca realises this and tells Rory that it’s very cute. Bianca tells Travis that she originally planned to get Rebecca breakfast in bed, and she’s a little bit upset that Alice has stolen the limelight. A few of the housemates come with Alice to present her breakfast in bed, and sing Happy Birthday as well.

11:31am: Big Brother calls Corey to the diary room, and tells all other housemates they must go to the living area. Big Brother tells Corey that he has just left the Big Brother house for the last time, but he gives Corey one last chance to add $100,000 to the prize money pool.

Big Brother will ask Nobbi and Corey a series of questions; if they both answer the same they will win $10,000 for each question. They both answer Terri as the most boring housemate, winning $10,000. Corey thinks that Nathan is playing the game, while Nobbi thinks that Nathan is also making another match. They both say that Brigitte is the richest, and then both vote Terri to be evicted next. Corey thinks Nobbi is the funniest, and Nobbi says himself as well, and they both pick Rebecca as the prettiest housemate. The final question is “Who do you think will win Big Brother”, and Corey answers Nobbi, while Nobbi thinks Renee will win. Overall, they have won $60,000 for the prize pool.

Corey says he’s had a great ten days, he hopes to catch up with them all on the outside and at the wrap up party, and he wishes them all the best. With that, he is whisked away. Renee looks distressed as she sits on the couch.

1:36pm: Bianca, Dixie and Alice are in the kitchen. Bianca suggests adding another ingredient. Renee comes to the diary room. She starts crying a little bit, but says she is not crying! She says she doesn’t know why she is upset. She says she liked Corey, but no one else seems to be upset at all. She says if she had gotten to say goodbye she would have been fine. She says not to show Corey this, or anyone in Australia for that matter.

Outside, Nobbi and Brigitte are fielding but decide to lie down on the pitch. A little later, Nobbi gets Terri to fire up at Brigitte and get her motivated. All that comes of it though is Brigitte laughing.

Later, Nathan wonders if Renee has been crying in the diary room. She fills him in a little bit. Nobbi and Dixie start imitating the conversation, saying that they are going to get married a week after they get out and generally making fun of them. Nathan saying he is trying to treat her bad shoulder. Renee soon realises that everyone is watching them, so Nathan tells them to concentrate on the whole in the wall for the cricket ball, then tries to kick the Sherrin football straight into Nobbi, but fails.

7:01pm: Bianca bitches to Travis about the girls. She says that Rebecca doesn’t deserve to get sung too tonight on her birthday. She goes onto say that the group of girls are very bitchy, and they are bitchy to other girls, not necessarily the guys. She says she is talking specifically about Dixie, Rebecca and Alice. She says ‘they have their own bitchy circle’ going on.

Bianca says that she was missing Alice when she was in Bali, but since she has returned she is too in charge of everything and ‘over the top.’

Renee tells Nathan she told two people in her life that she was in love, and they’ve both crushed her heart. Nobbi says he was over with Nathan and Renee before, but he had to leave to give them alone time. David and Nobbi both think their relationship could blossom. Nobbi thinks it’s very cute, although he thinks they are an odd couple. Nobbi says that Renee needs a boyfriend like him, because she has been knocked around by losers before and they all think Nathan would never do that.