5 days to go!

Hey All,

So we’re just 5 lazy days away from the launch and things are starting to well and truly heat up around here. More and more forum members are joining up each day and more members are stopping by. For example, today up until 5.30pm, we’ve had 550 unique members (members, not guests) drop by and 9 new members sign up. 21 new threads today, and 571 posts in the past 17 hours. Is that enough useless facts for you? Hope so!

As always at this time of year, there is a LOT of info out there. It’s just a matter of trying to figure out whats true and whats just damn ridiculous. Lets hope that the Corey rumour falls into the ridiculous category.

The idea of letting the audience meet some of the housemates before the launch has been great I think. It looks likely that before Sunday we’ll meet 4 of them. However, I’m thinking that these 4 people will be called ‘Gatecrashers’ and won’t actually enter until the Sunday after in the special show. But, could be proven wrong…

I’m hoping 12-14 housemates enter on Sunday night. Thats a nice number. Having 18 in there at once the following week won’t be nice though. 18 is far too many. A few of the duller housemates won’t get any airtime at all, and with the absence of Uplate meaning that even less airtime, they’ll struggle to survive if nominated.

The move to Sunday night for Nominations (basically straight after evictions) will be very interesting to watch. Perhaps they should’ve gone back to what they did in BB1 and just show them in the daily show the following day (The UK still do this), but Network 10 love making programs out of anything, and the nomination show has been around for 7 years so perhaps it’s too much to ask to cut that.

We still don’t know if they’ll be any HD content; I’d suggest since we don’t know anything, there won’t be. Especially with the IPL Cricket being shown on HD for the next couple of months.

The big plus for me this year is the attempt again at a panel show. I REALLY hope it succeeds. It’s got intelligent people on board so it just might. As long as they don’t turn it into a panel Uncut show. Sure, show some mature conversations that can’t be shown during the regular 7:00pm slot, and the occassional nudity moment, but then lets just have some healthy debate around the table.

Moving on, this year at BBBA is looking great. The radio show will be returning May 3rd, so stay tuned for that. This year it’ll be a shorter and sharper show, but many of the best features will be kept (ie the debate, mailbag….now I think about it, the best bits are all my segments ) So please, even if you didn’t listen last year, give us a listen the first week and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

User blogs are also introduced for the first time, so you too can ramble on about anything you want. Members can rate other members and if they rate highly enough, you’ll feature prominently on the User Blog page; so please hop to it and start blogging!

And lastly, vibes and I are also working on a Recap Library we hope will go live bit by bit throughout the season.

The forums of course have had a slight redesign as well and are looking great. Where else can you can to hundreds of other obsessed fans of the show? Basically…nowhere!

I’ll be back in a couple of days to give you the rundown of the housemates we’ve met so far.

Until then,

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