Change is a good thing right?

So Gretel’s gone to that great eviction stage in the sky, or a donkey sanctuary or something, meaning this year there is a very visible change in the form of Kyle and Jackie O.

It seems a risky appointment – but that’s far better than going for some reliable autocue reader with little personality – and it could just work. And if it doesn’t, well I think it’ll be entertaining watching their careers just slip away.

The more important change of course though is that of the production team. Love him (his mum) or hate him (the rest of us), four years is just too long to be in charge of a show like Big Brother, and Kris Noble ran out of ideas at least two years before he left.

So far the new producers (Rory Callaghan and Virginia Hodgson) seem to be heading in the right direction, but it’s not what they’re promising, it’s what they deliver which they will be judged on – and we all know how many promises have been broken in the past.

It’s not so much about what twists they come up with or what they steal from abroad and pass off as a “world first” – but it’s how they execute the things they do.

In many respects it doesn’t matter too much what they do – but it’s very important that what they do do, they do well.

After all, it only take one bad move for the series to be written off once again.

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