Behind Big Brother Radio – Finale Weekend!

It’s been a huge year for Behind Big Brother. The radio show, now into it’s 14th and final show for the year, has grown and grown throughout the course of the series. On tonight’s finale show, we’ll bring you all of the following:

– A complete wrap of the entire series of Big Brother
– As usual, the last FNL recap with TiGS
– The MEGA debate – who will be crowned the winner with the series tied on 6-6
– The secret couple is finally announced (and it’s not me!!! woohoo!!)
– One last look at the forums
– Selected highlights from the Peter Abbott interview for anyone unable to hear it all
– Some bloopers we found lying around on the cutting room floor
– We announce the winner of our highly successful competition
– Get everyone up to date with the UK and USA versions
– And finally, we’ll get the mailbag fired up one last time.

If you want to contribute to the show, you can email in right now to [email protected]

And remember, you can still download the complete interview with Peter Abbott via our Podcast page.

If there is a next year for Behind Big Brother radio, we’ll see you then. But no promises! This could be our last show ever – surely you just have to tune in?!!! It all kicks off from 6:30pm tonight, and you can tune in here.

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