Why the nerd turns me on (by RB)

Jamie is the find of BB07 for me. While Bodie & Thomas have the looks, it’s Jamie’s mind that has me fascinated.

The task of finding the secret relationship did it for me. Who would have thought to look at the serial numbers on the photo papers of housemates photos. How insanely smart is that. How many of us would have thought to do that?

I know know, I’ve been reading the forums. Many of you think he’s boring, bland, no personality blah blah blah. Well who says, little Miss Emma, who has a big personality. Pity it’s not one I like. Who else in the house thinks Jamie is boring? Bodie who can’t stand not to be the centre of attention and Aliesha. Poor little Aleisha who already has succumbed to the evil clutches of the queen bitch Emma.

While the focus has been on Hayley and her love triangle we haven’t had an opportunity to see or hear much from Jamie and the others. We’ve had the watered down TJ incident, the Emma vs Kate, but not much else. We’ve hardly seen or heard from the others, I’d almost forgotten about Susanna & Zoran. Hopefully now the love triangle storyline is over, we can start to see some more of the other housemates. Personally I’ve seen enough of Hayley for quite a while.

I want to see more of Jamie’s conversations. I want to explore his mind more. But what I really want to see is BB give Jamie an insider type task. He would do this job justice, unlike Michael of last year. Jamie is smart enough to pull it off without alienating himself from the group. He could mix things up and make this year very interesting. So hopefully BB has taken note of Jamie’s investigating skills and will set him a new task very soon.

toiletducks response:  To be honest, I rather do like Jamie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him that way, but I find that having a nerd in the house, well having anyone in the house, who doesn’t spend 5 hours in front of a camera putting make up on or waxing their chest, or whatever is rather refreshing. He may not have a personality according to forum users, but maybe that might be because they don’t understand the |_337 |-|4X0R skills that Jamie may possess. To me, and to lots of geeks maybe he does have a lot of personality, where Emma or Kate are as useful as a fried motherboard.

I also want to quickly mention something about BBAU copying from othere Big Brothers from around the world. araT mentioned to me in pm that she doesn’t really care if we copy, it’s not like we all watch the overseas versions of the show. Which made me think “hey araT is right. So why do so many people jump up and down about it being a copy? Those who care should only be the ones who watch the overseas versions. So regardless if it is a copy or not, its still relatively new to us.

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