Deliberate – No. Incompetent – Definately.

Censorship and a failure to communicate with their viewers – customers in the case of premium subscribers – on Tuesday once again resulted in another scandal brewing, this one all around Kate.

The speculation was inevitable and alot of people, including myself, had alot of things to say – though I never for one minute believed that the producers would have set that task if they knew of Kate’s situation, instead focusing my concerns on the failures of the audition process to identify the most traumatic experience in Kate’s life.

However, even though we’ve known for years they have no talent, it now appears that my faith the producers at least had some integrity was completely misguided – and the producers set the task knowing full well about Kate’s tragic loss.


Alot of the critics have come out saying this is Ten exploiting Kate for ratings gain – but they are giving the producers far too much credit. This is nothing short of incompetence – and for once there is nobody producers can blame other than themselves. Their excuse that Kate told them that she had “dealt with it fully” is pathetic – yes, you may move on – but anyone who has ever lost anyone knows that you can never deal with such a tragedy “fully”.

Someone made probably the biggest mistake in Australian Big Brother history this week – and someone needs to pay the price.


Let’s be honest – I shouldn’t be surprised at their incompetence. As soon as the White Room was unveiled, we knew Big Brother would be the first to crack. However, I still seriously thought they’d have more patience than just nine days.

The first elimination from the White Room was inevitable after a week, and that itself was done well, though surely Cruz should have realised there was far more than $750 to be earned from Big Brother.

Let’s praise Big Brother for one minute for not covering up the threatened mass walkout that occured on Monday – but why did they stop it. It’s not as if they’re short of housemates, so if they were all willing to walk, Big Brother should have let them. It would have been a far more interesting conclusion than the scheduled one on Wednesday – and would probably have been one of the defining moments of the season.

However, the Wednesday night special we got instead has been widely branded the worst special in the show’s history though (considering some we had last year, that says alot). The White Room was supposed to be about endurance and willpower – but it’s conclusion came down to popularity, with the eventual winner decided in the same way as in virtually every other intruder special in the show’s history – though not without a pointless (recycled) showpiece task first to fill a bit of time.

The White Room had the potential to be one of the best ever twists in Australian Big Brother history – but once again the producers have screwed it up and it’ll be pretty much forgotten by the end of the series. The only thing it did do was prove to us once again that the producers really haven’t learned from their mistakes.


Can Big Brother just finally clear up the situation with Billy – is he a housemate or not, and if not, just boot him out now he’s served his purpose.   There really is no reason to keep it a mystery.

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