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I was wondering if anyone else is starting to grow tired of the same old formulas being repeated year after year after Year on Big Brother Australia?

According to the BehindBigBrother website and other reports from the media, last years UK BB intruder Shilpa Shetty will be entering the Australian Big Brother house later in the 2007 series. If this does eventuate, it surely brings up questions of the ability of the BB writers/producers to come up with some new stuff??

I have been an avid fan of Aussie BB since it started back in 2001. My own view on the series is that it was much more fun to watch when it was simple, without the over elaborate twists and turns that we are accustomed to seeing on a dramatic daytime soap opera.

BB Australia was definitely more popular with audiences back in the first few years (but i don’t have stats. here sorry!) i’d say from 2001 – 2003.

In the last few seasons, the producers seem to have tried to jazz everything up and make it more glamourous and spectacular. From what i can see, the majority of the contestants (not all though) of the last few years are lacking an element of ‘variety’ (most of the guys from this year’s BB looked the same/ wore the same clothes, and 6 of the 7 girls have blonde hair).

Thinking back to 2001, we had a Jemma, as well as a Todd, a Johnny, a Chrissy, a Sara Marie, a Ben, a Blair and a Pete.. they were all Different! They reflected different types and characters, from ‘all walks of life’.. isn’t that what the promo’s of 2007 were promising?

In order to bring back the audience.. wheather you’re 16 or 49 (whatever the target audience is these days!) i think that the producers should indeed keep it real. Focus less on the spectacular, the drama and the UK intruders from Last year. Lighten up the storylines, focus more on the Real.. (this is reality TV after all and not Soap?), and maybe get some Brand New Aussie celebrities into the house instead? How funny would that be? I hope BB 07 shaped out to be better than the last 2 seasons..

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