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Some Interesting Posts From Ryan's Facebook Page

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by paperpinkhearts, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. paperpinkhearts

    paperpinkhearts New Member

    Don't know if anyone has come across Ryan's Facebook page at all, but I have and thought I'd share a few photo posts of his. Check out the comments. Looks like he has had the same issues on the outside as he did in the BB house. His Facebook "friends" really took the piss out of him and it seems to go right over his head. I actually feel sorry for him. Definitely didn't get top marks in high school. Can now see why he hasn't had a girlfriend since age 11. Wow.

  2. paperpinkhearts

    paperpinkhearts New Member

    My heart really goes out to him. He definitely is more socially awkward than Bradley. Bradley at least knows when the joke is at his expense. He appears to have a little brother who he seems to treasure. I think he's heart is in the right place, he just isn't very intelligent. Like they say, ignorance is bliss.
  3. kap

    kap New Member

    Poor ryan he really is THAT stupid...I am going to save these pictures and spread them around for lols hehe.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2012
  4. Michka26

    Michka26 Member

    That's so mean. I felt really sorry for him in the house and even more so now Estelle is flirting hard out with josh (mmmm you smell nice)...he's pretty harmless when it comes down to it!
  5. MistressBliss

    MistressBliss I'm a, I'm a, a Diva

    I think he's so sweet and so adorable.

    Poor, sweet fool.
  6. CottonCandy

    CottonCandy New Member

    Oh my gosh those people are so mean! Honestly, what makes some people behave so horribly to a friend just because they may not be the smartest kid on the block?? If I ever got the chance to meet Ryan, I would honestly treasure the friendship because I think he would be one of the most loyal mates and just a sweet, fun guy. Ugh, some people make me sick.
  7. eliza

    eliza Active Member

    Charming :rolleyes:

    Just noticed in another thread you bagging someone for being nasty abut Estelle, how perculiar to then post this nastyness.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2012
  8. la`cat

    la`cat New Member

    Ryan is who he is. Who the hell decided that they are superior ? He is probably lucky that a lot goes over his head and he does not take it onboard. Who wants to be like 'some' and be constantly mean or living in a world that they are constantly raging over or fighting about? I know which I would rather be.
  9. AusKat

    AusKat New Member

    Wow, now I know I've been a horrible bitch on this forum but I'd never bully somebody like that. I feel badly for Ryan too, those jerks think they are so superior because he just doesn't get it. Maybe we got the second eviction wrong and he really is one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet :/
  10. wannabe insider

    wannabe insider New Member

    I really thought he wouldn't need saving , figured the young female voters would have it covered , there didn't seem a lot wrong with him to me, certainly not in comparison to some of the others in the house. Hope he wasn't evicted due to voter apathy.
  11. Kaf

    Kaf *****

    I agree. He is a sweetie. Hopefully these downer types are just his Facebook "friends" and he also has some real ones.
  12. ichi

    ichi New Member

    Are they actually his friends or just acquaintances? How terrible if they are his close friends treating him like that! When you have a mate that is a bit dim you are supposed to treat them like Chum-Lee from Pawn Stars 'He may be the village idiot but he's our village idiot'

    I think 'poor, sweet fool' is probably one of his best descriptors yet
  13. mutleyp

    mutleyp Thrive & Conquer

    Boys always give each other shit for stuff like that, I did laugh at the you're one
  14. ichi

    ichi New Member

    The you're one was awesome I grant you that :)

    I know boys are dicks to each other, there just seemed to be something really mean about the tone.
  15. mutleyp

    mutleyp Thrive & Conquer

    Sadly at that age sometimes the better the friend, the harsher they are with that Lad mindset
  16. chiclet

    chiclet Well-Known Member

    i feel bad for him too. i think he's got a complex about being dumb and people being mean just makes him even more awkward and inarticulate, which can make a person appear stupid even if they're not. i thought the housemates were abusive, it's not as if the general level of discourse has risen dramatically since he left.
  17. paperpinkhearts

    paperpinkhearts New Member

    I feel really bad for him. He does seem a bit conceited and I think that's why he gets so much flack from everyone. I don't think he is a bad person though. He sort of puts himself into these situations by posting all his modelling photos on Facebook... But this doesn't justify the nastiness...
  18. MistressBliss

    MistressBliss I'm a, I'm a, a Diva

    But he is good looking and he does model, I don't think he feels he's superior, just knows he's pretty.
  19. mutleyp

    mutleyp Thrive & Conquer

    Pretty fades, remember that Ryan
  20. Jam

    Jam Boop oop a doop

    ...but nastiness is forever.

    Poor Ryan. Sweet, thick and defenceless. I hope he's oblivious to the nastiness and is happy.

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