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Day 73 (Wed 9/10/13) - Live Eviction #9 (90m)

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by redjet93, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. redjet93

    redjet93 Member

    Tonight we'll see one of our favs left the BB house. Who will it be?
  2. Thing

    Thing New Member

    I just started a thread lolz, just as well I checked before hitting the post button :)

    I hope its Ed cause I never wanna go through another 'Date' show thing again.... lolz
  3. Gemini

    Gemini Well-Known Member

    Hopefully Ed is Evict-Ed.

    My gut is saying Drew though.
  4. Reaper

    Reaper BBBA Mafia

    Tully is up the Gold Coast for the eviction night. Alex has said he wouldn't miss the chance to reunite Drew and Tully. A sign of the eviction tides heading Drew's way or just cautious producers?

    Either way - Ed or Drew - DIS GON B GUD!

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  5. jb4493

    jb4493 New Member

    I think its Drew, Tullys there for the eviction tonight and I doubt they would keep bringing her week in week out if Drew wasnt actually about to leave.

    I am so bloody annoyed it seems that Ed will be around another week. :mad:
  6. silkworm

    silkworm can o' (silk)worms

    I want to see the aftermath of the great salad contamination scandal.

    Also the whole Tim in/out of the doghouse confrontation with BB.

    "I'm vewwy angwy, Big bwother."

    Will they bleep out "bitch" and "pussy"?
  7. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    I am so stressing! I need eds cards to tumble, I need to see this bomb he's going to drop on his eviction. Please let the betting be right! Toss some final votes in for Drew.

    Not necessarily. Caleb has been attending a few evictions as well. I'd imagine if she was free she'd like to go up whenever.
  8. Sly

    Sly Bully

    Please be Ed. Please.
  9. gobbledock

    gobbledock New Member

    Its Drew leaving tonight guys :(

    Why else would Tully be there? She was there last week to "clear the air" but why again this week?? Yep Drew is done for, damnit.
  10. Medusa

    Medusa Top Gorgon

  11. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    Caleb attends multiple times too. What reason does he have to be there? He's free and wants to be around the bb stuff rather than sitting at home or whatever.

    Tully could well be the same.
  12. Kegztaa

    Kegztaa Big Brother's neighbour

    Closest vote they've had all year!
    source: Mike goldman
  13. gobbledock

    gobbledock New Member

    Goon said this in the other thread:

    Tonight's Evictions is the closest and any housemate could go.

    Stay tuned.
  14. Rison

    Rison Member

    aka it's not even close.
  15. Medusa

    Medusa Top Gorgon

    Sonia is in yellow :)
  16. gobbledock

    gobbledock New Member

    I could see Tully wanting a free trip haha, so would I to be honest. Closest vote ever tonight they say, Im freaking OUT!
  17. Illabeth

    Illabeth New Member

    Tully will be at every eviction Drew is up for, they are not going to miss out on the possibility of a reunion. However they have been pushing the 'Drew misses Tully' thing in the LF a fair bit the past couple of days, so maybe it is his time. I just hope to God that Ed gets the fuck out of there.
  18. Sly

    Sly Bully

    Confirmed then. ;)
  19. LionSleeps

    LionSleeps New Member

    I tried saying Ed's name in the mirror. That didn't work dammit.
  20. Rison

    Rison Member

    I refuse to believe it's so close that anyone could go. In what world would Ed get even close to the same number of votes as, say, Tim?

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