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What are your favourite David Bowie movies? I had no idea he had appeared in over 25 films and voiced a sponge bob character - he loved sponge bob, aww.
My top 3
The Man Who Fell to Earth - 1st role, and he is awesome, though the movie is very dated and sounds very B grade and weird now, Bowie is still awesome.
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - he looks like a god, so beautiful, he also resembles Peter O'Toole in Lawence of Arabia, heartbreaking movie.
The Hunger - the sexiest ever vampire movie, unlike any vamp movie. With Catherine Deneuve, and both at their most gorgeous.
This oozes STYLE it is so cool and fabulous and very like the best long music clip ever.

Here they have listed 8 of his best, with clips and links

Posting the first bit -

8 David Bowie films that made him a movie icon too
A freaky hero on screen as well as on stage.
The world woke up to the sad news today that David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle against cancer. But while the Thin White Duke will mainly be remembered for his 50 years' worth of freaky, fantastical hits, he also leaves behind a trail of suitably quirky, memorable film roles.
From goblin kings to oddball FBI agents, here are eight of his most weird and wonderful film appearances - proving he was a screen icon as well as a music superstar...

Just in case Bowie, fresh from releasing the cocaine-fuelled, otherworldlyStation to Station, didn't seem alien enough in 1976, his movie debut was the story of an ET who gets hooked on sex, drink and daytime TV. See? Even visitors from distant planets aren't impervious to the car-crash pull of Jeremy Kyle.

2. THE HUNGER (1983)

Vampire Bowie! Dame Dave plays John Blaylock, a member of the undead who spends this 1983 cult gem's run-time shagging his way around New York and fretting about getting old. Susan Sarandon stars as his poor therapist, while a dark synth score keeps the tension cranked high.

SPOILER - don't watch this bit if you don't want to know the end of the movie.

(I used to have an addiction for this movie, soundtrack is gorgeous)


Bowie's bash at a festive film: think Elf or A Muppet Christmas Carol. Except neither of those films are set in a Japanese prisoner-of-war site in the violent midst of World War 2, and focus on a homoerotic relationship between Bowie's POW and the camp's commanding officer. Probably not one to stick on after Christmas dinner when your nan's around.

And of course...

4. LABYRINTH (1986)

Bowie's most famous film role? Possibly: his portrayal of Jareth The Goblin King packed menace, magic, ball-twirling and one of cinema history's most bombastic hair-dos into a dark, surreal kids' fantasy. Dancing around the screen and occasionally turning into an owl, it gave an entire generation of children nightmares. Some of us still sleep with the lights on.



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I didn't see this before I posted my clip. Coincidence! I love that movie.

Yeah, one of mine too. Paris, Texas is very good too. I remember David Stratton presenting a Wim Wenders festival on SBS back in the good old days... watching a move a week. A lot of his earlier German films were quite interesting, probably hard to find these days.


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The opening of Paris, Texas is a great scene in itself. Ry Cooder's music is perfect.



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I vaguely remember that movie. I'll have to watch it.

Withnail, the alcoholic, failed actor reciting Shakespeare in the rain...



Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Okay if that doesn't get ya, watch this with dry eyes ya miserable fuckers.



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^ Children of Men was one of the worst films I've seen, my god.

I won't link it for spoiler reasons, but the scene towards the end of Shutter Island is chilling.