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My WTF of the day. Do they use Botox on hands?

I saw this on facebook today. It's almost as if at times her hands don't make contact with each other. Notice that her right thumb pushes the ring around so it's sitting in the right spot.


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Ooh, now it all makes sense. I was wondering if she had arthritis or something.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this guy, the interviewer and the mum were all thinking WTF?!

The mum crawling in is the best bit. Just walk in, excuse yourself and take the children out. No points mister for not having a locking mechanism on the door for such an eventuality.


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Yes, it could have been handled a whole lot better. My favourite part was when the baby casually came rolling in in his walker, completely oblivious to the embarrassment and chaos he was causing. Adorable. :hilarious:


OMG I can't get enough of that so funny clip, the kids are so adorable, dancey little girl and zoomy baby, it looks so like a cartoon...
And then funny, funny Mummy.
But Dad is so blase, it is like he can blank out anything.
Have been watching that all's hilarious