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Who is the real Tim from this site, BBB ?

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Mrs Butterface

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i feel you are mocking me :(
Not at all darling. I was just going along with [MENTION=32760]joedingles[/MENTION] joke as it made me giggle. :)

Our Tim here on the forum is not the Tim in the house right now. I promise. It's simply not possible although I wouldn't be surprised if the BB Tim was a member here before. But he sure as heck wasn't fighting the hackers last week from the BB house or has somehow smuggled an iphone into the house to moderate the forum and reply to people either on here or via email.

But I do agree the Bert chat today was weird but I attributed that to BB planting subtle hints that we don't see. Or even Tim cottoning on to what would constitute Ben's birthday 'super special'. Tim's no dummy. To be told they're postponing Ben's bday celebrations would've twigged the hamster wheel in his head.


well that's a shame, maybe the BBB Tim should try out. i was joking, i wasn't upset, just searching for that twist of the show
doesn't exist


I've got the power
look for an avatar of Mukayla as a geisha girl, that's the Tim you're looking for. I think the other forum owners name is Tim.
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Morning all,
We can neither confirm or deny any rumors regarding Tim being in the house.

Kind Regards,
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