Where Are They Now?

Discussion in 'Big Brother Australia housemates forum' started by darknstormy, Dec 1, 2005.

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    This post is from Whirlpool, regarding House Rules ("confirmed" is a strong word):

    Via Twitter, PurpleBricks have just confirmed something rather exciting (for me, anyway).

    Simon Deering will be doing the Western Australian valuation when they go over West.

    "Why does that name sound familiar?" you may ask yourself.

    Because it's HOTDOGS from Big Brother, that's why!

    After he left the BBAU house, he went into real estate. He's now the Territory Manager (i.e. Franchisee) for Purple Bricks Western Australia. I asked them via Twitter yesterday if he would be doing it, and their response is "Stay Tuned ;)" which I'm taking as a positive.
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    Cat is now studying Nursing at ACU at the Melbourne campus which is cool because I'm doing the same thing at the Brisbane Campus. Fun stuff
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