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What's for dinner?


Little known member
Roast chicken with some roast veggies and salad.

Doctor suggested less red meat. I don’t actually eat heaps. I do rather like cheese though. Guess I’m gonna have to cut down.


That is an early dinner you had @reepbot.....was it a big Sunday lunch thing? I loved corned beef as we call it.

I just made strawberry mousse, now have to wait for it to set, it is yummo.
And simple, never tried to do this before, summer time fruit now appearing, makes me happy:)
Quesadilla for our dinner


Hooray for Press Gang!
what do you mean by cook? putting some meat on a frying pan? or spending a couple of hours preparing complicated ingredients?


Yum my dinner is fresh gummy shark cooked in lemon, with Thai salad I made, and it is DELICIOUS, healthy fresh and yummo