What music or songs are you listening to?

Was shopping at Coles again today and I heard this song on the instore radio...lol. Damn Coles are really get stuck into their classic retro 1970's hits lately I may have to add a moustache and some sideburns to go with my flares while i'm shopping there...LOL! :D

Now if only they brought back the cheaper grocery prices from the 1970's then i'd really be dancing down the isles that's for sure! Cheers! :p ;)

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I love Luciana! I used to work for an events company that did events for Pride and I fought so hard to get the owner to book her for an event… He finally did but stopped working for them 5 months before the event. Moral of the story… Don’t mix business and friendship. Also don’t set an expectation that you’re willing to do work for free or in exchange for an “experience” because your generosity will be taken advantage of.

This is my favourite Luciana song. Back when I was a wannabe raver this song always lit up the dancefloor.

This one I’m posting just because not a lot of people know that there’s an uncensored version of the song.