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What music or songs are you listening to?


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Love trhe doors. Feels like a doors night for me musically.
My town is full of music, so it's Jackson Browne for me. Ben Harper grew up here too, he owns Folk Music Store (inherited from his grandparents) Frank Zappa lived here, People who formed the Byrds. Leonard Cohen went up to our moutain to observe life as a zen monk
Anyway, this is Jackson Browne singing at Sycamore Elementary (my school too w/Ben)
These Days


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Ben Hatrper is not bad tho im not an overt devotee.
Leonard cohen is great.
Jackson. Meh. Bit pedestrian for my tastes.


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Team Harry, Willliam or Charles?

Well not really a royalist but here in Australia being part of the commonwealth we are just used to the royals...lol. Been looking at Queen Elizabeth's face on most of our cash money all my life now...lol.


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...bangs head
bd before 88, thus you are the cougar & I am the prey hahahaha
noon my time, clearly not as awake as I thought
relationship status?
divorced, single & not quite willing to mingle
asking vax status is so awkward still lol

LOL! Well i'm certainly not divorced...lol. Possibly single...lol. maybe not quite willing to mingle yet...but things may change...lol

Vax Status? Is that like have I been vaccinated for COVID-19 yet? lol

Umm vax status is possibly negative at the moment...lol


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...this may be blocked
It's SNL Natalie Portman rapping (explicit language)
shall look for a back up video

Ha! This time it's not blocked but your second music video clip I can't see because my web browser is too old...lol. I can't update my web browser anymore on this system which means I can't see some youtube clips... :(


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Shopping now here in Melbourne during this latest COVID-19 lockdown we are now required to "check in" to places like supermarkets etc. It reminded me of this classic song from "Ice Cube" called "Check Yo Self". Maybe the government can use this great song in any latest ad campaign to get the public to now "check in" wherever they go? LOL!