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What music or songs are you listening to?


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Hi there Bluefin and everyone! I used to have an account here many years ago with the same username but it was no longer active now so I registered here again. Ha not watching anyone mate, it's just a little reminder to everyone that most things these days are being watched or monitored by someone somewhere...lol ;)



Hi Converse. That's interesting. I'm not sure how that post is productive (of course it doesn't have to be). Strangley, in parallel, taken in the current context of the forum, and my presence, others, past and recent events, it could be interpreted quite negatively and as disempowering, especially towards me. I'm a decent and valuable human. I think others are too and would include you there, but as a poster I don't know, it's a guess. Enjoy the new season, may it fulfill hopes and make you and others happy, genuinely. :)
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