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Voice of Big brother 2020


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I hate the sound of the new voice. I wish they could do something like bbuk where there's a different person to sit in as big brother and they don't have to make their voices all sound the same like bbau use to do. Or maybe they could have different people like bbuk but use a voice changer so they are still distinguishable as a different person so it feels like thet are being watched as part of an experiment.
I just hope that after this season they will accept criticism and make changes for the next season. People say that there won't be another season if this one is terrible but usually TV shows are contracted to run for 2 or 3 seasons.


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I would have preferred them use the voice they had in their upfront trailer.

I kind of feel like they're trying to portray bb as a quirky, 'friendly giant' with this voice and it's abit cringe.


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I feel that they are going with an A.I. type of voice. Unemotional sounding but intimidating in substance.

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I honestly quite like the voice, probably more so after hearing it in real-time during the Sunrise segments. It sounded a little more natural but still relatively monotonous and A.I.-sounding without being overly computerised.

I wonder the name of who's voicing BB this time?


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I think the problem with the promos is "Big Brother" as a character isn't really designed to talk to the viewers or known for talking to the viewers, so it just seems wrong before we even consider the style of the voice or what they're saying - and the authority of "Big Brother" is being completely diminished from the way they're using the voice and the voice they've chosen. If anything they should just have Sonia do the voiceover - would make far more sense for the host to go through the rule changes etc. than "Big Brother".


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In defence of sav. I have only ever seen him posting ratings results without any agenda.


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Is it me or have they made some adjustments to the voice? At least one of the recent adverts the voice seems to have gained a deeper sounding quality.
Yes. It now seems to have a bit of gravitas and depth...even a hint of humour...I sure hope this is a good sign😆


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The first time I heard BB's voice for 2020 it immediately made me think of HAL from 2001:

I'm really loving the voice...to me there's an underlying "sinister" tone and inflection to the voice which gives it "authority" and when he had that verbal tussle with Angela it really came out...he sounded petulant and possessive (Just as HAL did occasionally) and Angela certainly seemed to back down. :D

And a BIG hello to everyone! So good to see so many people from over the years and new contributors! :D