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Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice

Kerrianne Kennerly, virtually gave away who won in September.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley warns: ‘Don’t underestimate Sophie Monk’

She was written off as a “dumb blonde” but Kerri-Anne Kennerley says Sophie Monk’s secret weapon on The Celebrity Apprentice might just be that the rest of the cast overlooks her.

Kennerly, who appears on Nine’s reality show as one of Mark Bouris’s advisers, dished the dirt on this season’s contestants and said, while the rest of the ladies were “larger than life”, Sophie Monk was the one to watch.

“I always knew she had a lot more going for her than people gave her credit for. But again, one of those really nice people who found it hard to not be rolled by the stronger personalities,” KAK told

“Basically, they think she’s a bit of a dumb blonde, let’s face it, because she’s nice, she’s done that Playboy spread, she opens her mouth and she’s so, so Aussie.

“But she’s so beautiful and she has, for 15 years, carved out a really successful career. I don’t think people understand how successful she is in America.”

KAK said the 35-year-old former Bardot band member had to learn to stand up for herself on the series because people thought she was “too soft”.

“But she’s so clever. I saw her up close and personal on the day challenges … she was just fabulous because I saw her marketing ability, her creativity, her negotiating skills.”
I think it was a bit obvious it was going to be Sophie. Tim was just shown in a negative light too often.

But congratulations to Sophie!
I think it was a bit obvious it was going to be Sophie. Tim was just shown in a negative light too often.

I knew she would win, when Tim got into the final (apart from the news link I posted above)

Sophie is a celebrity, Tim isn't.

It would have been embarrassing for the show, if a non celebrity won.
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Yes, it was annoying TV in the end. You could tell as soon as she got the puppies out, I don't think Bouris could see or think straight.
It was very weird how Sophie went from basket case bumbling and unable to present - to smooth operator, I blinked and missed the edit.
Do you think they cut and pasted there?

Highlight was Gina - and her obvious opinion of this crap from beginning to end has been a joy.
Richard Reid is so pathetic it is quite sad really.
He is such a little whiny bitch he chose the perfect career, pro gossip/bitch - but OMG he is so bad at that too, always his goss is about 4 weeks old.

Seems some think of Tim as a surivor type- Reid, would be familiar with BBUSA, and that is a bitchy mean game, survivor in a house.
Aresholes win BBUS, Monk and a few others would be more familiar with that format rather than ours.
And Aus BB is seen as the gentlest BB, and it is a popularity and social game more than anything.
Tim can manipulate, but they didn't show much of that happening,did they???
I love Gina, she wasn't taking any crap from anyone.

Bouris tried to manipulate what she was trying to say & she slapped him down.

Another article.

Celebrity Apprentice boss Mark Bouris unleashes on contestants ahead of grand final

MARK Bouris has unleashed what he actually thinks of this year’s Celebrity Apprentice contestants ahead of tonight’s finale. And he admits there were “two people who annoyed the shit” out of him.

While he wouldn’t give names for his two least favourite contestants, he did say it was a male and a female.

“(It was a) personality clash. Whinging and carrying on. Prima donnas. Too good for everything,” he told

One celebrity the boss noticeably clashed with was barrister and Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano. Last month, the glamorous 48-year-old took aim at Bouris and slammed him as “rude and disrespectful”.

And while Bouris is careful to not add fuel to the fire, he did say “Gina’s very good at promoting Gina”.

“She left, she left. I don’t know why she persists on trying to be part of the show,” he said of Liano.

“She didn’t have a relationship with me — none. I would have spoke to her for maximum three or four hours (and) that was among speaking to the other celebrities.

“I might have had maximum, in the whole period, five minutes of chat to her. So I don’t really know how she makes her assessments. Maybe it’s her observation. Maybe she doesn’t like my style, which is fair enough.”

Tonight’s grand final sees Sophie Monk and Tim Dormer battling it out to take the title. Tasked with executing a campaign to market Australia to the world, series favourites Richard Reid, Matt Cooper, James Mathison, Tegan Martin, Mel Greig and Gina Liano all return to help in the challenge.

And it’s not just audiences who are surprised to see Monk and Dormer as the last people standing. Bouris admits James Mathison, Tegan and Mel were the ones he’d “earmarked” to win.

“When Sophie first came in I thought she’d be one of the first to go, to be frank,” Bouris admits. “But the good thing about Sophie is she’s sort of learning on the job.

“And she doesn’t mind working hard either. She’s not one of these princesses who won’t get their hands dirty or pick up something and lift it or carry it or race around like a maniac. She has no problem with all those sorts of things. She’s good old Aussie stock in that regard.

“In the beginning I think she just went at this like everything else she does in celebrity world — ‘Ah, I’ll have a crack and see what happens’. One of her shortcomings early on was she never thought things through. I think the other short coming was she never really stood up for herself. She’s not one who wants to stridently push her position — she even comes across a bit lazy or unambitious. But one of the things I’m really happy about was she learnt to stand up for herself.”

While Monk didn’t stick up for herself enough in the competition, it would seem Dormer stuck up for himself too much. Catty arguments between the Big Brother winner and Richard Reid flared up regularly on the show. Bouris says the way Dormer would “pick fights” early in the competition was his biggest shortcoming.

“He did it in a way that was very, very clever. He made others look like they were picking the fight,” he said. “He’s very good at moving the chess board around. He’s nearly like a shape changer. He’s a target you can’t see — changing shape.

“And I think it’s a great skill, but at the same time in the early stages of the game, I think he was using that in the wrong way. But he’s learnt how to use it properly. And that shape changing ability is very important because you’re not a target. Whereas Sophie on the other hand was always a target.”

It past series, rumours have circled that contestants are worked to the bone in order to put them on edge in front of the cameras. But Bouris denies any strategies, saying it’s just business.

“We don’t go out trying to tire them out, put it that way,” he said.

“If they’re tired out it’s because either they’re not fit for work because they haven’t done much. Or alternatively it’s their own choosing because they decided to stay longer. Or they’re just inefficient, they can’t get the thing done.

“I’ve heard one particular person say it’s always too cold in the studio. We don’t adjust the temperature to make it cold for them — if that was the case, I’d be freezing. She complained a lot.”

The last sentence he is talking about Gina.

FROZEN, starved and denied the use of the bathroom, Gina Liano has revealed the brutal conditions stars endure on the set of Celebrity Apprentice.

Read the above story, it's an eye opener on how they are treated.
James was very funny last night, Bouris blunder aside.
He deserves a proper primetime hosting job.
James was very funny last night, Bouris blunder aside.

I don't think it was a blunder.

Bouris was acting like a drama queen all series.

Most of the celebrities know him from doing charity work etc & call him Mark.
I must say, I spent most of the last part of the show worrying Sophie's breasts were going to pop out. Talk about distracting, and not in good way.

It wasn't a particularly heartwarming series of the Celeb Apprentice... Sort of grubby, all up.

I was hoping Timmy would win. But Sophie was another of my favourites. Good to see James Mathison being naughty once again!
I so wanted Tim to win it for himself and for Wildlife Warriors. But if it couldn't be him then I'm glad it was Sophie. This was my first time seeing her, she wasn't a celebrity to me before this, but I really like her and Make a Wish is a wonderful charity and happy to see her win that much money for them.
Good on you Tim for becoming runner up. I loved how he was so passionate and working with others in that final challenge. A shame he did not do that from the start but perhaps maybe he would have been eliminated much earlier if he had not been strategic. The business world is ruthless.

What I learned from this series of Celebrity Apprentice:
Richard Reid is so nasty. Ugh. :yuck: