Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice


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Uhh, so is this what Tim Dormer and Mel Greig were reportedly 'working on together' and Richard Reid's 'new project' he teased to Kyle and Jackie O ages ago that everyone thought was Im A Celeb?

The Celebrity Apprentice reboot must've been in the pipeline for a while then?


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Sophie Monk: Aussie “It” girl



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so how are we going to nominate how many weeks he'll last without the other apprentices voting him out?

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Geoffrey Edelsten & Gabi Grecko :eek: Must have been two for one deal.


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In Celebrity Apprentice some of Australia’s most well-known and controversial celebrities work towards raising money for their various charities.

James Mathison:
Aussie TV music presenter

There is so much about this that is absolutely hilarious.


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Just announced: The Celebrity Apprentice cast


Filming has begun on a new series of Celebrity Apprentice.

In Celebrity Apprentice some of Australia’s most well-known and controversial celebrities work towards raising money for their various charities.

Mr Mark Bouris, one of the country’s most successful high-profile businessmen and Chairman/Co-Founder of wealth management company Yellow Brick Road, is back to helm the series.

Joining Mr Bouris in the boardroom in 2015 (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Esther Anderson: Popular Aussie actress
  • Mel Greig: Radio DJ
  • Gabi Grecko: Mrs Edelsten
  • Gina Liano: Real Housewife
  • Tegan Martin: Miss Universe Australia
  • Sophie Monk: Aussie “It” girl
  • Matt Cooper: NRL Superstar
  • Tim Dormer: Big Brother winner
  • Geoffrey Edelsten: Aussie Tycoon
  • Blake Garvey: The Bachelor
  • James Mathison: Aussie TV music presenter
  • Richard Reid: Hollywood Gossip Guru
In series four, Mr Bouris will have two new advisors to be his eyes and ears on the ground: television personality and charity aficionado Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Shelley Barrett, CEO and founder of ModelCo.

Celebrity Apprentice will bring audiences the same robust conflict, comedy, characters and cleverness we know and love, while also keeping focus on business. Our celebrity contestants will need to rely on more than just their black books to get through these challenges. As always, in Celebrity Apprentice the ultimate goal is to raise much-needed funds for deserving charities, as nominated by each of the celebrity contestants.

Celebrity Apprentice is a FremantleMedia Australia production for the Nine Network.

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I see brinkpeople.
Blake Garvey and Edelsten? I think their stipends are less than Big Brother HMs. That really is the Daily Mail of casts. Blake Garvey's business networking couldn't scramble a used band-aid.


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I :inlove: Sophie Monk though.

Oh, me, too. Especially in Pop Star days. I wish she'd stayed that plump, she was just gorgeous.

It will be interesting to see this lot in action. Geoff and Lady Gaga Down Under will be interesting to watch, just to see whose scaffolding collapses first...

I adore James Mathison. Good to see he's slumming it! I hope Tim brings the laughs. I like Richard Reid, also. For me, it's a bloody good cast - and even the lousy-seeming casts with one or two people that I've been pleased to see included have produced a good series, previously; so, here's hoping this one is fun to watch, too.