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The Voice 2020


Canadian Royality
Coaches for 2021!
Guy Sebastian
Jess Mauboy
Keith Urban
Rita Ora

Great to see Keith back and also the addition of Jess. Would have really loved an all Aussie line-up though.

Sonia back hosting too :rolleyes:

“‘A certain website’ reported in October that at least $10 million of Seven’s budget would go towards securing a megastar coach, though at the time it’s understood they were trying to lock down Mariah Carey.”

1. Rita Ora is far from a “megastar”
2. Mariah was never a serious contender. She’d never settle... $20 Million and she still wouldn’t have even responded. If she was interested in another talent show it would be US based. Once again that website is proving that they’ll pretty much publish any bs rumour no matter how illogical it sounds.


Canadian Royality
If Rita Ora is their 'megastar' and they have dished out a huge amount on her, it's another waste of money of Jessie J proportions.
Knowing where the quote came it's blown way out of proportion. Their source could have simply said "international" and they'd find a way to turn it in to clickbait.