The Voice 2020


It would be helpful to expand your comments when you make an opinion like that.

In my opinion neither Tones And I nor Lorde have a good enough voice or long enough experience in the industry to be good Voice judges.


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I'm not liking the sound of this 7 version so far. I really hope they don't totally wreck what was basically an enjoyable show.


Yeah, Nah.
Sorry, but Tones and I has been famous for all of 2 seconds. She doesn't really qualify for a coaching spot.
Mariah will be woeful and I don't think she'll be a huge draw card like 7 are expecting.
Give us some solid Aussie talent. Vanessa Amorosi, Delta, Keith, Jess Mauboy, even Nat Bass or Natalie Imbruglia!?
We have so much talent in this country, it's an absolute joke to be spending half the budget on Mariah fucking Carey.
Especially when they're going straight from blinds to semi finals. Scrap Mariah and bring back the Battles!


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Anyway, I am not watching next season of the Australian version if any of Guy, George, Delta or Kelly return.

Either clean it up completely or cancel the whole show.


Yeah, Nah.
Coaches for 2021!
Guy Sebastian
Jess Mauboy
Keith Urban
Rita Ora

Great to see Keith back and also the addition of Jess. Would have really loved an all Aussie line-up though.

Sonia back hosting too :rolleyes:



Love Keith, Guy and Jess.
Would have preferred keeping Delta over Rita Ora, who really doesn't mean much in Australia.


Yeah, Nah.
Agreed - would have liked to see Delta stay, but seems she's staying with 9.

Rita Ora is pretty irrelevant here. So many other great Aussie female singers would have been better, Vanessa Amorosi, Casey Donovan, Natalie Imbruglia, wheel out the double red chair the Madden's used to use and stick the Veronica's in it? Maybe Sia for a bit of star power.

Feels like such a missed opportunity for an All Aussie line up - I can't remember the last time we had one? Maybe all the way back to Australian Idol days.


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I don't care for this show but Channel 9's statement when Channel 7 poached the show is still the most iconic thing.

“Unfortunately due to the age of the show and its declining demographic profile, The Voice had become by far the poorest financial performer on our slate. We wish Seven well in their quest to revive yet another Nine show.”