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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


A lot of residents in housing commission towers have addictions.....alcohol,drugs,whatever
They will do what about that???
They can't expect them to go cold turkey, and some will flip out
A large population have serious mental health issues and need close contact with services

I am not being nasty, the residents in those towers are the most vulnerable and needy
They would need services etc........I used to work for one that visited every week
A lot of disabled also


And you would know what needs to be done because.......????

You live nowhere near Vic, and have no medical training, what would you know????

Could see this coming....as I winged last week, and just a few days ago
Nobody was following the rules, no distancing in the burbs, teenagers cuddling and kissing
i had to dodge people, it was so bad, I tried to report, and the police were useless
(so keep an eye out, how is your area at distancing, or do you never go out?)

Lockdown is Melbourne and suburbs, plus Mitchell wherever that is
Country and places like Geelong , Ballarat are virus free


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I think Mitchell is northish of Whittlesea. There is some nice wineries around there and Strathbogie.

I don't really know if there is enough information out there on the people who are infected for me to passing judgement.
Going to work because you have to as you work frontline hospitality etc and getting exposed to coronavirus and catching it at work, or living in close contact with others where you are have shared living spaces such as laundry rooms or living spaces and catching it through those spaces is not stupid - its human and you can be careful but it can still happen.
Irresponsible acts I take offence to are things like Coronavirus parties where the aim is to try and get the virus, and earn money to be the first one to get diagnosed after the party - that is stupidity.

I do really feel for people places like Albury/Wodonga with thier towns thown into chaos because so many people live in one state and work in the other.


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Yeah people here were acting like it was over, but was it any different in other states?

No surprise the naughty suburb strategy didn’t work, numbers were already too high. Not sure we’re going to avoid stage 4 frankly.
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I was surprised to find the local Salvos open Monday, that seemed way too soon.....
Just because, op shops have far too many issues with contamination and mostly elderly volunteers

And likely they only got to be open 1 day, I have op shop withdrawals it is my favourite hobby
I put a beautiful black glass wheely desk, or maybe a kitchen island, on hold,wonder what happens now
I want it for art projects, fun fact I spotted it before lockdown and was excited to find it still there


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Hi just from my own observations here in Melbourne I have noticed that it's mostly the younger generations that are more careless when it comes to the warnings and restrictions about this COVID-19 pandemic. I have younger neighbours here and I noticed as soon as they relaxed restrictions they almost instantly started inviting over as many people as possible for all night parties in a fairly small courtyard/backyard. They are drinking and smoking together all night and this was happening around twice a week since they lifted restrictions. I reckon they think because they are younger that it won't make them that ill. :rolleyes:

Then to hear that the Victorian government hired private security firms to safeguard the people in hotel isolation? Stories like the security guards were having sex with the isolated guests, etc? Bloody disgusting behaviour! I mean this is a matter of life and death! Look what has happened now... :mad:

Living in Melbourne I noticed that the government has locked down mainly the public housing high rises, but what about the many other private high rise apartments that are all around Melbourne now?, what these have absolutely no cases of COVID-19 at all??? They are also living in close quarters and sharing lifts and stairs etc...?

When you hear some of the real stories from survivors of this virus from the United States. They are all saying to take this thing very seriously and to also wear a mask if you can.


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OMG! I cannot believe what I'm hearing on the NSW. Flights coming into Sydney from Melbourne with no screening, and just letting the Passengers off!
Please don't let this be the next Ruby Princess! Unbelievable!


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288 new cases today in Victoria. That's what happens with an incompetent Premier.

NSW now getting cases due to Victorians border crossing.


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Got tested today, it's not as bad as I expected. My initial reaction to both the throat and nose swab was to recoil, tense up but then you realise it's not getting worse and can relax. It's uncomfortable but not awful. Although I was mentally preparing myself by thinking about the time I had a Bolivian cutting into my finger with a scalpel and no anesthetic. So that helped put it in context. Also, there's an odd little tidbit about my life. It was nothing sinister...

The reason for the test was waking up with a fever, feeling low on energy, headache, muscle aches all over. I live near some of the initially locked down suburbs in Melbourne. I really can't think where I'd have gotten it. In the last week, I have done nothing but a quick trip to coles, a few runs and been to a small gym a couple of times. The chances are very low, so it could be something else. Fingers crossed, although if it's not COVID, it's still not good.