THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


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Didn't affable say he wanted to move to WA?
He did, I just read earlier he is liking the new NSW premiere so wondered if he was considering there now since that may be an option to get out of VIC quicker than going to WA?


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I am not going to even bother. Pretty sure it is trolling at this point. 😂
I just think there's a difference between being tough and being unreasonable. To me qld premier has been tough but reasonable, whilst Dan Andrews has been the opposite.


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TIL people complaining about Police states don't even understand what the term means.

During the last two decades, we've had sweeping removals rights and due process sweep away by Federal conservatives governments in the guise of "anti-terror legislation." Which is far-reaching outside of that scope. Secret detentions and trials. Even prosecuting lawyers in secret trials for defending whistleblowers. Currently, they are claiming they can prosecute you in these secret trials while withholding the evidence they have against yet. Which for the layperson means you don't have due process and can't properly mount a defence.

That is apparently not a police state, because only Labor can do a police state by telling you to stay home during a pandemic with restrictions that have expiry dates.

NSW can stick anti-terror police on journalists during the pandemic, that's apparently not a police state.

People need a perspective. They need to actually be informed. Not just stick to Murdoch bubbles.