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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


Oh, the backlash would be absolutely catastrophic!

This is also why Scomo will 100% keep the borders closed until at least the next election. Opening the borders and letting an international spread Covid would all but guarantee he won't be re-elected.

You're right though - until the majority of the community is vaccinated, nothing will change. This is where the failures of the Feds comes in. Whether you want to be vaccinated or not, that's your choice. But everyone that wants one, should have been able to get one by now.
Maybe they were thinking it would be a winning point with the locally produced AstraZeneca for brags but confidence in that vaccine has been so tarnished and now we're far behind overall. Probably best to always have an open mind with vaccines to consider as the situation changes quickly and we're still learning about them.


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I didn’t know that second dose had higher side effect chances. I had no side effects with dose one. Will be interested to see how I go in a couple of weeks time with dose 2
My parents were just saying over the weekend when i chatted to them they have talked to a couple of people in nz who have had the second dose now and they experienced nothing with the first dose but a few effects with the second, so it was interesting to see that is what the data about pfizer is saying is likely too.