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The Reepbot Report


Somehow I Still Believe
I think the important thing about the whole on a break thing wasn't the break thing but the fact that Ross didn't respect Rachel in her new career in fashion.


Somehow I Still Believe
But I found Ross to be the funniest character after he broke up with Rachel in season three and before he had a baby with her in season Eight.

Though to be honest most of the friends there were running on fumes. They really should have ended it at the end of season seven with Chandler and Monica getting married


Somehow I Still Believe
Though Rachel and Ross somehow have the best, or some of the best chemistry I've seen on tv. On paper they shouldn't work but somehow they do.

I think because Jennifer manages to imbue Rachel with a sense of kindness and normality to what could have been a caricature


Somehow I Still Believe
I have decided not to write down what I watch from now on. Let my viewing instincts guide me because they've never failed me before. Unlike arming mishit sorcery


Well-Known Member
As always, look forward to them with great anticipation.
I dont care what the awards are, i just know you will report them with admirable aplomb.
I will take great heed and interest.


Somehow I Still Believe
Columbo awards will happen after midnight tonight, Qld time as I live on the sunny gold coast. Though it is raining now

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