The real skye

Paddy Lock

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So it's obvious skye has a massive fan base.
And big brother promotes her so much. Is it because they want her to stay in as she brings in the votes (money) ?

Like what the hell is this?

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3 housemates that have left have all said that big brother doesn't show the other side of skye ....

Don't think they're allowed to show the other side on television - not in prime time anyway.


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its no different to how they showed ben in 2012 he was a nasty piece
i'm sure theres a nasty side of bimbo skye we wont see
the producers are very selective in what the public see on bb
thats whats killing it
skye makes me agro with her 2 faced crap !!!!!!


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That's a great bum and well worth its 15 minutes of fame. I'd vote for it.

Looking forward to Big Brother tonight….however Foxtel just upgraded our package to include Box Sets so will also enjoy a full night of Sopranos! I wonder if they would ever do a box set past season of Big Brother? That would be great!


I like Skye but I hate the way she keeps going from one guy to the next. Treats them all like playthings and has no regards to their feelings[DOUBLEPOST=1415014932][/DOUBLEPOST]She's A bit like a slut


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This season is bi-polar... One minute 9 are boasting a "Family friendly" time slot etc... Next they are purposefully doing shizz like this.

No, I do not think it's fair that the "most popular" housemate gets the most air time - this is a CONTEST that is supposed to be FAIRLY placed to the public so the PUBLIC can make a decision on who they love the most with all housemates getting air time.

GAhhhh this is my pet hate and completely grinds my gears!! ARGSDHKJHSFIDS
Yes yes yes!! My pet hate too!