The (real) Love Boat


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You know a show is bad when a stock standard English bloke can come on in episode 8 and be more interesting than the rest of the guys (except Dalton I guess, but he wasn't the right sort of interesting...) straight away lol. Also how many episodes is this show lol, I was thinking 12 max but then the host said they were only at the halfway point.....

At this point the show is just glorified advertising for the cruise ship industry (and the destinations do look amazing I have to say). If I didn't somehow decide to watch Byron Baes at the start of the year this would have to be the worst show I've watched in a long time.

Finale is on Thursday Nov 17


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Wait, the overnights for this trainwreck's finale was a pitiful 98,000? Jebus that's abysmal.


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Feel a bit for Jay and Sally, they were the deserving winners for me. Honestly Moana and Harley were the least likeable final couple for me and I'm not surprised to hear that they've already broken up. All in all a disaster ratings wise and we won't be seeing this show again.