The Real Housewives of Melbourne


- Anjali's an interesting person and she's very intelligent but I don't think she's suitable for this show. If you're going on the Real Housewives you should embrace it and not act above the group!

- The drama this season isn't fun. On past seasons there was a lot of humour mixed into it. So many iconic and memorable lines that people still quote. I don't get that from this season. It's a bit flat.

- I used to find Janet so funny. This season she's a bit unlikeable in my opinion.

- Chyka making a guest appearance was a good idea. She was also a guest in season 4. Seems like she hasn't completely disassociated from the show so I wonder if she'd consider fully coming back.

- I don't get why Cherry and Simone were cast? Did they have problems finding interesting women willing to do this show? I don't think these new ladies have the very unique character Pettifleur, Gamble or Venus had when they joined.

- I'm not sure a 6th season will happen. The gap between season 4 and 5 was years, covid happened, their biggest star Gina isn't involved anymore, Melbourne's had many lockdowns, there's too many new women introduced in one season.

- They should give Sydney a second chance or start another city!
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