The Masked Singer AU 2020


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That was probably Bonnie's worst performance yet. Just as well that Frillneck was worse.

Queen was the best of the night but that doesn't say much at all..
Urzila 2000%.

Although something tells me Ten might drop it next year. And if not, unless they can do something incredible next, it’s got one more season left in it at best.

They need better celebs.

I hope the show gets at least one more chance. Hopefully a decision is not made based on this year alone. I think it would be a bit unfair.


It is rating well
One evening last week it almost beat the block, only about 50-100 behind
Kids make up a lot of the block ratings and they are beginning to prefer the fun of this


Missing crazy dancers, my favourite part of the show
The staging for bushy was underwhelming
Did they spend the entire budget on KMH?