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The Masked Singer AU 2020


First thought ....Sophie monk she is classicly trained but famous for being a vacuous blonde serial rtv personality
She has nothing to do right now

I love urzila .......love this show, pure fun
Watchable just for the costumes designed by an Oscar winner
Hope this is why Keith urban is here, and maybe Zac Efron


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First thought - Kate Miller Heidke.

Classically trained. Singer, actress. Makes sense.

Would honestly love it if KMH was on the show.
Sophie Monk is a good guess. Bonnie Anderson crosses my mind too.

The singer isn’t actually Dragonfly. It’s just the promo song I think.


Somehow I Still Believe
Geez hope they don't give too many clues. Affable basically had all the contestants figured out by the end of the first episode last year.