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I am as lost as Lilo, no idea about country singers here or elsewhere

Night all, might check Love Island, fell asleep last night watching, didn't even get thru all the mating ritual
Unicorn could be Nicole Scherzinger from PCD. She's been a judge on the US version of the show and recently been in country judging Australia Got Talent.
Also started in a rock band like Deni Hines.


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Not a fan of Adam Brand. He had an affair with someone I worked with. The things she told me (while she still thought he was a good bloke) made me cringe and I lost all respect for him. To be fair this is close to 15 years ago now.


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I've never heard of him either - that's two celebrities now I've never heard of 😳
Edit - I just googled him, and the picture that came up, he looks like an Irish backpacker! 🤭
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i remember hearing his name ad nauseam on this advertisement about this country music festival many years ago.