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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


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Just saw Yvie on The Celebrity Chase commercial. Trying to get every opportunity of fame that she can. I don't think she is smart so doubt she will win.
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OK, any suggestions who this might be?

Former reality contestant spills explosive details about TV show

(click the link for the full article but these are the important points)

A reality show contestant broke down on radio as he described how appearing on the TV program ruined his life.
The show the man appeared on wasn’t revealed during the interview on Adelaide Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda, but news.com.au understands it’s a reality show that ran for more than eight years on Australian TV.

We were unable to listen to any radio or TV or talk to anyone,” he said. He added that he was allowed to make one phone call on Christmas Day to his family but said that a producer listened in on the conversation.

The former contestant told the radio hosts that he had access to a psychologist while he was on the show but suspects that confidential details from his sessions were passed onto producers.

The man broke down in tears on the Mix 102.3 breakfast show as he revealed he was kicked off the show after being involved in a scandal that was heavily manipulated by producers.

“Was your exit on the show portrayed truthfully?” Mark Soderstrom asked. “No,” the former contestant responded. “I was on that show for three months and one bad turn and all of a sudden I’m an evil villain.”

So, it's a show that runs for three months or more, and is/was taped over the Christmas period (i.e. can't be Big Brother).

Any ideas?
Juicy. So many details sound like BB but the Christmas thing and waiting for them to film rules out BB. Apollo came to mind - but only because he's been out there saying he's broke. I don't remember him being in any scandal though!


Good lord. Ali's clinger/cringey dancer/anger issues Ivan (the terrible) will be on AGT.
I have to see this, and hope they are NOT kind, the idiot cannot dance, he is hideous
All he does = stripper poses and grinding......have never seen him actually dance, because he can't

I hope they rip him to shreds.....and I want to see that and the huge choir
Bits I have watched in adds, have all been shitty circus acts......and the old pussy cat doll is ICKY, all gushy goop


Yes, and is it Lucy??? I love her she is adorable..........actually a sweet person, Nicole is so fake and boring
But I have only caught snippets - I really hate all the circus crap, I actually saw that idiot painting with his penis, and some guy swallowing swords, yuck deplorable yuck.

However, I will add watching that kind of stuff live is different.......I saw I guy in pub,who was doing swallowing anything and everything - including glass light bulbs,and then pop them out......I think he may be an alien
He was a popular freak show during the 90's, on TV, but once seen- well limited future


He was on the Morning Show (the one with Larry & Kylie) yesterday too, and was like a deer in headlights, with no idea why people don't appreciate his talents.