The Challenge Australia


Think Big Brother meets Survivor…. sort of….

Players live together in one giant house, compete in extreme physical and mental challenges, and vote players into eliminations where they have to battle it out for their chance to stay in the game. But they also can form alliances, showmances and hook-ups -duh.
...sorry, we are talking about The Challenge and not current BBAU, right?

But incredibly disappointing that the sole rep for BBAU is Marley. Nothing against the dude, but he was boring AF on his season and felt more go with the flow in terms of strategy. In terms of the cut rumoured cast, I wish Tully and Tim made it, as well as Jess Powers for the Cyrell storyline and Taku from Love Island.

And honestly, the relative lack of Asian representation on these types of shows, particularly Chinese/Indian, has become more noticeable year after year.


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This is such a weird cast and I wonder if they had trouble signing people up. You would think the producers would have plenty of former reality stars eager to be back on television and many casting options. Some of the rumoured names made it sound better, but perhaps the pay is inadequate.

If Tully was really willing to do the show and they cut her I don't know what they were thinking.


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The cast has been announced for this - only Marley representing "Big Brother".

It's MTV's The Challenge w/o TJ Lavin. The Challenge USA started 6 July


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I think the issue with Tim on The Challenge would probably be that he's not strong enough in the challenges to not be a target physically for eliminations and given his reputation the only real strategy is to throw him in until he's eliminated. Of course given half the male cast seems to be Bachelor/MAFS people and Chicken Parma John, they might not be smart enough to work out this very basic strategy I guess lol.


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Sounds about right from the MTV stable. Used to be a fun spin off of Road Rules and The Real World. It's grown into a rather ugly beast.