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The Bachelorette Australia 2016


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The promos are coming thick and fast now, so here is a thread for The Bachelorette 2016 with Georgia Love.

Begins in just one week, on September 21.

Early prediction, the "sailor" guy will be the next Bachelor. Hot!
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'I fell for more than one person': The Bachelorette's Georgia Love admits she had 'strong feelings' for a few male suitors

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Looking forward to having an articulate leading star! Georgia is so beautiful, although I wonder what percentage of her casting had to do with the producers salivating over her name? I think she will be good overall.


How can girls agree with what you have to say when you've just given them two options?

Should be amusing though.


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That short clip of Sam has more interesting conversation than the whole of the Ritchie Bachelor season put together.


"Courtney" is just "Rohan" again isn't he?

This one has more brains and sounds sweet -
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Courtney hasn’t followed the usual career path to success. Through his role working with kids in after-school care, Courtney teamed up with his brother to invent a wristband that helps identify children with allergies.

Sounds like he has more brains than most of these dudes possibly.
A lot of them have dodgy CVs, ie, entrepreneur, sales, blah, blah, bullshit


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She's shown more personality in the promos I've seen than poor Richie managed in the entire season. I hope all the guys aren't just models or would-be tv personalities, etc. I want LOVE!


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What is that BITCH Georgia Love doing making Clancy (lol at the name) shave off his beard.