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The Bachelorette 2019


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And where did I say it wasn't? I'm actually really surprised by you Isee. I knew you had a daft side but I didn't think it was that bad.
No. It was a dig at Ali and plain disrespectful.
Now I am on my laptop I can look at the where that comment came from. It wasn't a dig at Ali - in context I thought Taite lived in Ballarat and you said no he lived in Melbourne. Living in Melbourne, and her shifting there makes more sense as they seemed like a couple who were enjoying going to things like the Melbourne cup etc - a lifestyle that would be more difficult to achieve in Ballarat, or in Adelaide (as someone like myself who has lived in both Adelaide and Melbourne knows). Exactly how is that a dig at Ali?


Ciarran and Tim were buddies,
C probably guesses if she picks boring Carlin, Ciarran still has a chance with Angie - because she will dump him in 6 months

I love Tim
I find Carlin unattractive and very very boring, he has a boring face, and a weird way of dealing with people
Plus - why pick a guy who is married???And sounds like he was a useless partner......WTF did you get married for?


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There is a rumour going around that Carlin belongs to the Hillsong church. If that is true and she picks him, I can't see them lasting.


Here is dull man....and shit if he is into the weird church
I would want a TOTAL explanation about his current wife.....did she dump him because he is a wimp???


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
We'll, here we go!
I'm running half an hour behind to skip as many ads as I can, but will try and keep up to an extent.
Fingers crossed for Timm


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I must admit I like them both, but they're chalk and cheese .... ooh, the dad just said that!
This is where tatts, man buns etc versus clean cut can be difficult. I know which way my parents would have swayed!