Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)


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2013 was really the perfect season of Big Brother, and it was all thanks to the wonderfully perfect Tim Dormer. God bless you, Mr Dormer, for giving us the privilege and honour of watching the most strategic Big Brother player of all time. We bow to your greatness.
Hahaa like I kept yelling at the housemates every time they questioned how hard I was playing, "I DONT WANT MY SHOW TO BE BORING!" glad you enjoyed it.[DOUBLEPOST=1416687721][/DOUBLEPOST]
Hmm here's an idea, how about Tim gets to choose next years BB housemates!?
I would LOVE to work on the show, but alas, I pissed them all off.


Lord Love A Duck!
Thanks for stopping by Tim. We all greatly appreciate your input. :)

(I still get goosebumps when I think that we get to directly communicate to the greatest BB player of all time.)

Awesome salutation Spock! I'm certain you speak for the majority of us with those sentiments.
But can't you spare at least a little "Live long and Prosper" to Tim Dormer for God's sake?
Oh, now you're raising you eyebrow at me! Uh-oh...


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You follow no one on Instagram, thats very Kanye West like.

He follows people on Twitter, not Instagram. Nothing wrong with that. The implication seems to be that he doesn't interact with his fans? He has been FANTASTIC with us. Constantly keeping us updated and answering questions on Twitter and lately in here as well. I don't give a flying fig about kanye west.
You know what, that fight was a really sad moment in the house. By that stage I had worked out that anyone who crossed me was walking the plank (not my intention!), I don't think Mikka even knew how much I loved and respected her in there. Early on when I was a bit ostracized by the group she was one of the only ones who came up and asked me how I was going and had time for a chat. When that fight blew up over nothing, I actually pleaded with mikka not to do it, but I guess her 9 lives were up!
Wow! You really had them all on a string haha!


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I don't think many do?

Why is OK then that Tully gets shit for the same thing?

Not sure what you're talking about. I didn't mention Tully. I've heard she gets trolls on her sm but they all get those. I even got one last week on Facebook and I'm a nobody. Turned out they were on the wrong page. Heehee. :)


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You know what, I was just thinking...maybe I should write out my detailed thoughts on who I think deserves to win, discussing the traits of each of the housemates. Would anyone be interested in that? I have a plane ride back to sydney this morning I could do that then. Or a video? Hmm.

Please do!!!


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I've heard from Alex himself he is kicking himself that he didn't put penny in from the beginning. I'm guessing the choice was made between skye and penny, and look at the monster skye has become.