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Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 23

Is George an annoying little shit?…

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…”there’s so much going through my head”… (into one ear and out the other… there’s nothing in between to stop it)… cheers.
…Nina will be lucky if she can remember who the last Survivors are tomorrow night… she’s clueless… nite all… dream of my Gerry winning this for me please you wonderful people… sleep tight… cheers.
The producers fucked George if anything.. they'll vote him out in 4th now its been announced its Top 3.
Won't happen, Gerry won't vote for Geo - because his whole pitch will be on loyalty and he has to remain loyal to Geo & take him into the final 3. That is of course if it's a tribal vote.. But I'm guessing it will be the winner of the challenge tomorrow that will decide which 2 to take to the final 3 & they're all such fuckwit loser morons who have had ample opportunities to take him out, but never do. Tomorrow will be no different. Who ever wins the challenge will take Geo & one of the other pot plants...

I hope Matt wins because GO THE POT PLANTS 🪴🪴🪴
I'll be really sad when this ends in a way. I have been so excited for this season since it was leaked in July last year. And before that I have a whole 9 months of looking forward to Big Brother. After tomorrow I'm going to be in a void with nothing left to look forward to for the first time since 2021. Ugh.
I would have wanted to get rid of Flick if I was George/Matt/Gerry. Without Liz there, Shonee’s default would be to respect gameplay, but Flick would be more fueled by personal grievance. I think Matt will want George out. What can Matt possibly pitch to the jury? He coasted under the radar for the first 95% of the game. I just don’t think that’s good enough. Matt’s the only one I actively don’t want to win, and I’ll be equally happy for either George or Liz to wear the crown. I won’t be totally mad if it’s Gerry. If I can survive Mark winning BvW I can survive anything.
I am sad to see Shonee go, but it was almost definitely Matt’s best move.

Super keen for finale tomorrow night.

Long live the king 👑
I agree that was a good strategy from Matt, that revealed he wants to go to final three with Gerry and Liz, otherwise he would have voted for Hayley maybe?
…wow!… nobody has started the thread?… sorry about the Poll… it’s all I could think of at the last moment… cheers.
Sorry Sticky, I was thinking of doing it but thought somebody else would think of a much better poll than me for the penultimate episode…. So a big well done on getting this job well done..

I just finished watching and about to read what all you guys n gals been thinkn.. I can’t wait to read your hot takes!
Oh is idol still on
Idol final was tonight. MAFS also seemed to be on finals as I scanned through the channels. What’s up with that? Is there some sort of coordination between channels to synchronize their offerings ? Why does this happen so often? 🤔
……is ANYONE going to post ‘Live’ with me if I start up an ‘Im a celebrity get me da fuck outta here’ thread?… if not… I won’t bother starting one up… cheers.
I won’t be live, sorry. Will see how invested my partner gets in I’m a celeb, but normally we take it easy and watch it very casually. It was such a great casual start to the year so this change to Easter time should be interesting.

I love that it’s live again and audience participation should be back!!! The few reality shows that dare to do it in this country!!!