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Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 22

Who has played the least impressive game

  • George

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Gerry

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Liz

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Matt

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Nina

    Votes: 9 56.3%

  • Total voters


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We keep talking about whose played the best game, but that seems to be a pretty clear cut answer by now. So who would be least satisfied with to see win? Who has done the least to show us agency in the game?

IMO I would say Gerry. I was really high on him up until last night. He is completely blinded by George interpreting his relationship with him as a mentor and mentee or a coach and player. But George is just another player in the game who has absolutely got Gerry under some sort of spell. I don't see how Gerry wins a final tribal council scenario, everyone else I could see having a winning scenario. I just don't think the jury is going to respect Gerry after witnessing that.

But, if someone was to argue Nina has played the worst game I would not completely disagree either. I think Nina at the very least has many friends on the jury, but at the same time she is not very well insulated to get to the final. So it could be Nina overall then?
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My thoughts on Gerry’s little speech was that it was a strong indicator he has absolutely no plans to take George to final two, because what he said could sway the jury in favour of George. I think Gerry has played a pretty good game. To survive until merge as an older player, initially with an injury, on the outer edges socially, to actually turn out to be pretty good at challenges, especially endurance ones, is admirable. He is not the only player to choose to align with George to get them through the game. It’s a decent strategy; George makes good calls, is usually accurate with his reads, and has served to guide his allies through the game, until they are just about to turn on him, then he votes them out. Gerry knows this, so is prepared to go to final three with George and Matt, but has developed such a close bond with Matt that they he can feel secure in their pact as final two. Yet he’s clever enough not to signal this to George, especially after seeing how that played out for the Spice Girls. Gerry has played with restraint, without feeling the need to toot his own horn, yet I think it did offend him being called a pawn by Simon, hence his mentor speech at Tribal. I think he’s been playing with more strategy and agency than Matt, or even Liz, and I wouldn’t be mad about Gerry in the final two, and think he might be articulate enough to convince the jury. I would like to see Liz in the final three though, and I suspect she Gerry and Matt will get rid of George after Nina’s gone.

I think Nina has played the least impressive game. It’s mainly not her fault because she began in a boring tribe that didn’t end up at Tribal very often. But she’s also made some daft decisions that make me question her strategic thinking. Unfortunately she’s just come out of the gate a bit late in the game.
If George for whatever reason can't win this, then I hope Gerry does. He was turfed off his tribe by those dicks sitting in the jury, as the most "expendable" member - someone it didn't matter if he got picked off straightaway by the Villains and didn't come back. They said it to his face. He not only managed to survive the brief foray with the Villains, he did it without letting them know he was going back to the vacuous "Heroes" if not booted by them, and yet still managed to work well with the Spice Girls once they got over the shock. He is good at assessing a situation, calls out bullshit, and has held his own in challenges against people half his age. He managed to swallow his anger, and agree to a vote order that suited his longterm game, and responded articulately and with heart to Simon's insults at last night's tribal, also massaging George's ego as he did so. I think he would do well in a final two (so long as it's not a final two with George).
George in my opinion has played the least impressive game. He has burnt almost everyone on the jury & I can't see anyone voting for him if he gets to final 2. His game so far has served him well to get as far as he has, but that won't win him the game.
Also I think in these final few days we might see some impressive moves from the silent ones.

I think they have left it too late getting Geo out. What if there is a challenge that he is good at and he wins? Then he will have immunity for the next tribal or 2. It is highly unlikely he will win a challenge as he is so useless at them but you need to factor it in to the equation if you have made plans to vote him out before a specific number of people are left.
…was that Gerry’s walker sitting in the background sitting next to his wheelchair?… cheers.
There’s been a lot of talk about final 3

Do you think they expected a final 3 instead of a final 2 this year?
There’s been a lot of talk about final 3

Do you think they expected a final 3 instead of a final 2 this year?
I think because of the Jackie medevac they all assume it's a final 2 instead.
I did some more research on reddit
Apparently at the final 4 there is a juror removal twist