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Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 14

What would you like to do to George?

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I don't think I could stay awake long enough to pick a winner out of that lot!
LoL it'd be a sad final 3 or Final 2.

But if those 7 stick together its the most likely.

Gerry will get seen as a Goat so it'd be between Matt and Liz but Matt may have burnt half the jury flipping to Georges alliance.

Best result for this series would be a George win but he simply isn't good at challenges.
George can't win because he won't win the final challenge, its not like last season, the jury will respect good game play and the field is so weak this year around. George at best will make Top 4. or 3 depending out how many make the Final Tribal.
I agree with this take. George is skilled at making his way to the end rounds but he eventually reaches a fork in the road due to his lack of challenge skills.
I think George could win, against anyone but Shonee.
If they are the final two, it's anyone's guess.
It also depends on whether the meat tray are a bitter jury, or if they can acknowledge that even though they don't like George, he outwitted, outplayed and outlasted.
Shonee has probably cemented herself as the ultimate jury threat. I don't see a scenario in any season where she makes it to the end and does not have a compelling case to win and doesn't get votes.
George, Hayley, Liz, Shonee, Matt, Gerry, Simon.. If this alliance makes Top 7

Hayley/Simon would be picked off first because of there challenge threat.
Not sure Simon is a challenge threat in this individual phase which tends to favour the women. Indeed he's supposedly so hated by everyone he could be dragged to final two. Heck, would be worth a season of George if George somehow won the final challenge, took Dimon* over Shonee, and then lost to him.

* Autocorrect likes to change Simon to Dimon on my phone and I'm not sure it's wrong.