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Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 10

Newbs are being decimated!! Which of the newbs has your backing?

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Keep Sam who your been working with since Day 1 and go back on a deal for a idol that wasn't even a idol keeping a strong majority.


Vote out Simon who has no close friends in the game and doesn't join the jury, therefore no backlash.

Seems a obvious choice to me.
…I love it that even with all the muscular strength that the meatheads have on their team… they are here at Tribal tonight lol!… perfect!… cheers.
Heroes are going 3-3 Jordie and Sam, Jordie will go home if he doesn't play it, Sam will if he plays it.
…Jordie / Simon… Simon / Jordie?… meh!… who cares which one it is?… I don’t!… cheers.