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john might've been the walrus, but paul was a cat
I'm a JD guy, but literally everyone else is so consistent in their portrayal.

Ep 1: "Naseer is weird and overplaying"
Ep 2: "OMG we wuv Naseer"
Ep 3: "lol shutup Naseer ur annoying"

Despite the twist-a-palooza, there were some good little human moments in the last episode, though. Sydney and Tiffany hating each other after like 5 minutes of interaction is a storyline I am 100% here for.


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Just reading the Reality Blurred write up it sounds like they've completely screwed things up - if a twist takes a full page of explanation then it's simple not worthwhile.

The worrying thing is that with seasons filmed back to back the Spring season will likely have exactly the same problem.


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This season I just so meh. I don't care about any of the cast at all, and there is so much focus on advantages. The game has become who can pocket the most advantages rather than playing the actual social game. Xander is cute and thats as far as my interest goes. What ever happened to having players like Parvati or Cirie pull off huge moves though social manipulation and assessing situations? This has now just become real life monopoly.


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That episode was pretty darn great. Amazing what a difference it makes when you focus on the players rather than the advantages.


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If you have to resort to dumpster-diving through people's bags in search of idols you don't deserve any respect.

I keep waiting for someone, anyone, to emerge from the edit who I can finally get behind, but it still hasn't happened.