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Ryan appreciation thread


The pen is mightier than the sword.
He has a cool 90s look to him that I like (Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic anyone?).

He seems like a nice, chill guy. Though he might be the 'boring' type akin to last year's Matthew/Caleb, but he did seem a bit vibrant and deserves a thread. :)


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I like Ryan, he kind of got lost in the launch being tacked on the end and being a more neutral character, but my early impressions are good. He seems like a nice chilled out guy ala Josh12, but give it time I guess.


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26-year-old graphic designer Ryan is a contradiction wrapped up in a Sensitive-New-Age-Guy. The Sydney-residing former Queenslander admits he loves to push people's buttons but avoids conflict like the plague.

His brutal directness should lead to plenty of friction in the House, especially with any potential mouthy types who don’t walk the talk. Good thing he doesn’t hold grudges!

After all, Ryan’s a nice guy at heart and approaches life with a laid-back, non-judgmental vibe. Just don’t neglect your ‘please’s and ‘thank-you’s!

Growing up with three sisters, Ryan’s not afraid to show emotions and reckons he relates easily to women. But the ladies of the House had better not get any ideas – he’s also a self-confessed commitment-phobe!

On being too direct:
If someone walks up to me and they say, ‘This is how this is meant to be cooked,’ and I know best then I’ll definitely say, ‘No, that's not how it's meant to be cooked, that's how you like to cook it.’ There's no right or wrong.

And nine times out of ten that leads into a little bit of an argument. I like to just be upfront with people.

On growing up with three sisters:
It was actually a lot of fun. At times they could have been a little bit bossy but I really enjoyed it, I think.

Growing up with three sisters has definitely helped me out with the ladies. I feel like I’ve got a better understanding of where they're coming from.

On confrontation:
To be honest I really don't enjoy confrontation; I don't like seeing people upset, it really worries me. If I see someone who's upset I usually don't know what to do, but I feel that I can be comforting. But in the same sense I do enjoy a little bit of confrontation; sometimes it can be fun.

On long-term-love:
I think I’m scared of commitment … I’m scared of missing out on good times. I think when you're in a relationship you do have to sacrifice those good times and I’ve seen too many good men go down.

On what he’ll bring to the House:
I love to cook; I don't mind a bit of a clean. I know that sounds odd but I do like a clean living space. I think I’m going to be the fun guy; the one that stays up late. I’m not that much of a morning person. We'll see.

On leadership:
I don't really like to be the boss in situations. I’m not a fence-sitter but I don't really like to be leading the pack making those decisions. I’d rather just put my input into it and see what happens.

On his short fuse:
I think you can see my poor temper around technology. My sister always tells me when there's a computer or something and it's not working there's about a 10-second window before I start hitting the screen or screaming or swearing.

On going with the flow:
I think that I am a bit individual and I can make my own decisions. I don't always enjoy going with the crowd; sometimes I do just enjoy my own thing. I’m not always worried about what people think.